Monday, January 31, 2011

Guy time, family time and lot's of drivng time...

For the past five days we've been hanging with...well, all of you!

Kiel wanted to go to Utah for some quality male bonding. I wasn't there but I'm sure it consisted of a lot of conversations with the word "dude" used over and over and over again, fast food and secret handshakes. The only part I'm sad I missed is when Kiel got to see Bruce's newest cousin, Erica Allison Brown. She is a doll, wouldn't you agree? She and Bruce are nose twins!

While Kiel was doing his "man" time. Dude, Bruce and I made a trip to the bay area to see friends and family. On the way there we broke up the drive to two nights. We stayed the night in Fresno with my friend Joanna and her beautiful family. The next morning I packed up and drove two and half more hours to Oakley, where the Allens reside.

Bruce had a blast playing with all of his cousins. Luke and Bruce play really well together. We were able to see Katie, Mickey and Gerry for a day. Bruce LOVED Katie. He's great with people, doesn't mind strangers and mostly loves men with deep voices. Friday night, Omi and Opa watched Bruce while I had sister time. Bruce played with his cousin Sydney that night and Saturday morning. Last, Bruce , Luke and Avril had a play date at Aunt Diane's. Unfortunately, Bruce's nap time got in the way of play time.

Can you tell we all look like our daddies?

I was able to have fun as well. I saw my friends Sarah, Marci and Rachel on Wednesday. Thursday my friend Jenn finally met Bruce. Bruce went to his first "white table cloth" restaurant and behaved very well. Friday I went to dinner with Frances and Katie, minus the children and had much needed adult conversation. Saturday, Frances hosted a family dinner and everyone on my side of the family was there. When Sunday finally came around it was time to pack up and go home. We stopped in Dublin to have breakfast at my dads and then we were back on the road.

It was a rainy drive home so Montana ended up sitting in the front passenger seat next to me the whole drive home. He made it hard to see out of my passenger side mirror but other than that it was a cozy drive. Bruce slept most of the way which made it easy. He is a really good traveler. Unfortunately, every time we travel he brings back a virus. So today I've been taking care of a cranky baby with a low grade fever and a bad diaper rash. Poor guy. He has a Dr.'s appointment tomorrow for his rash. I hope it goes away soon.

This morning we picked up Kiel from the airport and Bruce has been saying "dada" and "daddy" all day. I'm not sure if this counts as his first word but Kiel says it does.

Well, that was our "mini" vacation in a nutshell and once again I didn't take very many pictures.

Something Smells Funny...

Every time I look at this picture I "LOL."

Bruce was crawling around in his birthday suit to air out his rash and Montana decided to stick his nose where it doesn't belong (big surprise) just as I clicked the camera!

Notice Brucey's right eyebrow go up?


Thursday, January 20, 2011


Bruce is much more willing to play with his toys if they are put away neatly in baskets.

Exhibit AExhibit B
The only basket safe is the one with the stuffed animals... And here we are enjoying the after math ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Jail

Baby Jail looks like this...

Two Babies

Yesterday, I watched my friend Cambria's daughter while she tutored a few students.

Preslee is ten days younger than Bruce and if the parents had it their way we would arrange for Bruce and Preslee to get married.

As soon as Preslee got dropped off I put both babies in Bruce's crib to play. They both were laughing and playing with each other nicely. I needed to go to the garage to grab the porta-crib so I plopped Bruce down on the floor and left Preslee in the crib. Preslee stood up so she could see Bruce and Bruce stood up on the other side and looked up at her. They continued to laugh. It was very cute.

After I got the crib I let them both roam around in Bruce's room. They tackled each other, and laughed some more. Then they both raced down the hallway to tag team the very tired Montana who laid in the middle of the living room floor. Bruce yanked on his ears while Preslee pulled his tail. Both laughing the whole time.

Then it was time for naps. I put Bruce down first, after all he's mine and the easiest. Then I worked on Preslee. She took a little longer but I managed and she fell asleep in the porta-crib.

I was able to get some piece and quiet for about twenty minutes and then Preslee woke up. Five minutes after that Bruce woke up. Both woke up tired and cranky. Both wanted to be held at the same time and both did not want me holding the other one. So both screamed for ten minutes. I picked up Bruce and put him back down and told him to go back to sleep. I then picked up Preslee who was at my feet and Bruce gave me his pouty lip. He only gives me this when I hurt his feelings and of course I felt horrible. That look is heart breaking especially when I'm the cause.

Fortunately he did go back to sleep after ten minutes and I was able to entertain Preslee until her mom came back. But for a couple of minutes, I thought, how am I ever going to do this for 24 hours straight?

And then I look at this video and think, it will be hard but also fun...

Monday, January 17, 2011

8 months

Bruce turned 8 months old yesterday! We can't believe it. He has progressed so much this past month I don't know where to begin. I guess I will start with the quirky things that make him his own character.
Bruce loves the following:
  1. Getting his boogers sucked out from the green bulb. I kid you not, the child holds perfectly still so I can bulb his nose and smiles as it suctions.
  2. Getting the outside of his ears wiped with a Q-tip. He can be 1 second from a melt down and I whip out a q-tip and clean the outside of his ears he immediatley becomes calm and quiet. It's an amazing site to watch.
  3. Having the top of his head brushed. He enjoys this and his head scratched both have his eyes roll to the back of his head in utter enjoyment.
  4. Getting his teeth brushed. He laughs every time.
  5. Getting his feet licked by the dog, again he laughs every time.

He's a funny guy and moves at a rapid pace. As you already know he's crawling but he also army crawls still. He pulls himself up to reach things. He jabbers all of the time. He's practicing his pincer grasp. And today he clapped his hands! I clap my hands everytime he listens to the word no and today he did it back. It was so cute. A sloppy clap but a clap none the less that he did over and over and over again. We are now working on waving bye - bye. The word "no" is hard for him to understand. I don't think he gets it quite yet. But we are working on it.

Bruce is such a daddy's boy. As soon as his dad walks into the room no one else exists. He crawls over to him all the time. Mainly to play with the latest toy his dad has.

His next appointment isn't until his 9 month checkup. So we will see what he weighs then!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

What we've been up to

Bruce loves playing with his dad. He is almost able to crawl over him but not quite yet. Thankfully we can continue to use Kiel's body as a barricade between Bruce and the open door. I really should ask our landlord for a screen, especially since it's 80 degrees in the middle of January.

We saw the Jordans yesterday. Bruce had fun playing with his cousins Mariah and Jack. Jack liked to play his car set in front of Bruce but did not like Bruce touching his cars. Thankfully Mariah shared her tea set and Bruce was content. We decided we need to get him some hot wheels and I guess some pretty ponies (just kidding.)

This afternoon we ate sandwiches at the pier and the water was a beautiful blue. I love where we live, if only we could afford a $1.5 million home and we'd be set!

Bruce is getting cuter by the minute and babbling up a storm. He says dadadada and babababa a lot. Which is a change from gagagaga gagoo. Unfortunately he loves to crawl to the dog food and I feel like I'm training myself as much as I'm training him. It's hard to remember all of the ordinary things that need to be put away because they are not baby proof. I've decided I need to start my own company that makes baby toys that they will actually play with. None of these toys will be bright colors, play music and flash lights. Bruce could care less about that stuff. Instead we would make fake blu ray players, fake cords they can chew on and fake remote controls. And all the color black since that is what draws B's attention. We've also had a close call and an accident this week ;(

The other day when Montana, Bruce and I were walking to the grocery store I had to stop to pick up Montana's poop. So like an idiot I wrapped Montana's leash around the stroller handle so I could have two free hands. Montana pulled the stroller over so he could smell a tree. Luckily Bruce's head didn't hit the cement and he was protected by the stroller but it gave him and me quite a scare and caused the whole neighborhood to come out and see what had happened to the screaming baby. After a good look over and with help from my neighbors we were able to calm Bruce down and continue our journey. Then the next day Bruce rolled over twice and smacked the table leg with his forehead. That accident left his first real bruise. The horrible thing was, I was sitting right there. Oh well, Bruce is our guinea pig child and we are definitely learning A LOT!

Tomorrow is his 8 month birthday! Hoorah!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Time to lower the crib

Kiel was cleaning Bruce's room the other day while Bruce played in his crib. And when Kiel looked up Bruce was looking at him, in the pull up and stand position!

He's getting to be such a big boy! Later he pulled himself up to a stand using the coffee table and in the above pictures I was playing peek a-boo so he pulled himself up so he could see me.

Needless to say we have a very busy, into everything pre-toddler on our hands.

I'm Venting...about church

So don't stand next to me during a lightening storm.

First, let me say I love church. I love getting dressed up as a family and being together on the sabbath. I love seeing everyone, worshiping and getting my spiritual fuel for the week. That being said, our 12:30 - 3:30 time slot has GOT - TO - GO.

Not only is it the worst possible time for all children 3 and under (and for their parents) our sacrament is at the end. Can we say serious melt downs? Bruce yelled as loud as he could (and we all know, he yells LOUD) through the entire closing prayer. In fact all the kids were screaming through the entire closing prayer. And IT was the LONGEST closing prayer of my life. Seriously, it was a long closing prayer. Again, don't stand next to me during a lightening storm.

As soon as church was over, Kiel threw Bruce in his car-seat and RAN, yes RAN out of the chapel, to avoid all chit chat, tripped down the stairs but quickly recovered and strapped Bruce in the car faster than I could say "wait."

Once I caught up, I said, "Geeze babe, you act like we have to go to the ER or something."
He responded, "We will, if we don't get outta here."

Then we took a quick second to let out a large sigh. As if to say, I can't believe we made it through and I can't believe we will have to do this EVERY Sunday.

But then Bruce started screaming again and Kiel hit the gas. The boy slept until 7:45pm.

It wouldn't be so bad if Sacrament was at the beginning. Bruce would have just woken up from his morning nap, eaten lunch and be ready to listen. He loves the music and the speakers.

Oh well, I think I just discovered my New Year resolution: make it through Sundays.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Big News

Bruce was army crawling this morning and this afternoon he was crawling. Here is a video of him putting the pieces together. It was so exciting. I was more than over joyed.

We have been really sick. Bruce is teething like crazy. His top right tooth broke through over Christmas break, his 2nd top tooth is coming through now and his bottom lateral incisor broke through last night.

On top of which, we've both been battling colds and I've had first trimester, blues, mood swings and nausea.

We brought in the new year quietly at home. Once I feel better, everyone will be inundated with pictures of Bruce but as for now you can watch this video of him crawling/army crawling.

Love you all!

Mel & Kiel