Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bruce's first blog

Gh sffrwq. Fce

I got an email this morning telling me my blog had been posted. When I checked my blog the above statement had been made. It's clear Bruce had something to do with this. What's funny is he writes how he talks ;) would anyone like to interpret what the little guy is saying?

I'll go first: gee, sorry for your face

Which could mean, sorry I hit your face or he thinks you have an ugly face.

Really I think he was just pressing buttons and that's what we got. But it's still fun to interpret.

What do you think?

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Kiddos

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm posting blogs from my phone. So I think all photo's will show up at the end.

A lot has been going on with our family and I'm sure most of you are up to date via Facebook (it's really hard to keep any secrets with social media now-a-days.) And thank goodness for my phone, it is the only source I have to the outside world. And my my is the world changing. I recently joined a book club and went to the library for the first time in 10 years (college library doesn't count) I felt like I was on a foreign country, everything is on computers these days, no need to sort through index cards to find a book. Anyway, I'm off topic.

Rhyan turned 10 months recently! Last month I drove myself and the kids down south for their checkups. They both were great on the drive there and also got a clean bill of health! Rhyan has slowed down and is no longer I'm the 100th percentile for Everything but in the 50th and 75th percentile. Bruce is in the 75th percentile for height and 50th for weight. Forgive me for not remembering their stats.

Rhyan gets around really well for not crawling on all fours yet. I've tried to get her on video but the best I can get is Bruce's face right up to the screen of only that kid would just get OUT OF THE WAY! Anyway, the best way to describe her in action is if you have ever seen the Movie, The Terminator? She looks like the robot at the very end of the movie that has his legs chopped off when he is chasing Linda Hamilton through the factory one arm at a time. But Rhyan, particularly has the terminator move down because she arches her head the same way the robot did. Sorta creepy, sorta cute and it works for her so who are we to judge? The usual phrase is "army crawl" but Kiel and I like to call it the "terminator crawl" because we are clever like that.

Rhyan signs more, eats VERY well and is a happy baby most of the time. She will go to anyone and loves to be held. Bruce is not her favorite person most of the time but sometimes I catch a really sweet moment of them together.

Bruce was bed trained this past week. He started climbing out of his crib one night and wouldn't stop until 2am. The next night I took a tip from Brigitte who suggested I put his crib mattress on the floor. That was easier because I would just tell him to go back to bed and didn't have to lift him over the crib rails. But I had to monitor until midnight. The third night Frances came over and turned Bruce's crib into a big boy bed. He absolutely loved it! We made a big deal about it so he was happy. (picture below.) He only got out of bed once. As long as I keep his door open and a hall light on he won't get out of bed. But last night I made the mistake of thinking he was asleep so I turned off all of the lights, of course a few minutes later he was out of bed and in my room "dark mama, dark" and that was one am! This kid!

Bruce is doing great with his language skills. He talks ALOT! And we understand about 50% of it! Lol. We attempted potty training just before his 2nd birthday but we were unsuccessful our pediatrician recommended to wait until 2 and a half or 3.

Anyway the kids are both awake now. See ya.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bruce and Sydney

I posted a blog from my phone and it posted on the wrong blog. for some reason I cant fix it ;(

It will make your day, I don't promise, but it will.