Sunday, June 28, 2009

Worth Every Cent

Melissa and I got out of Islands after a delicious and filling lunch of fish tacos, turkey sliders and chicken fingers and proceeded to get into her truck.

Kiel: (in thought) Ooh a penny! I haven't flicked one of those in a minute!

I flicked it across the parking lot and was content. All was well.

Melissa: What was that?

Kiel: Just a penny babe.

Melissa: You're throwing away money? What would you have with a million pennies?

Kiel: About three bucks...

Melissa: A million dollars!!

Kiel: HAHA! Right... a million pennies really is a million bucks.

Melissa: Well, three hundred pennies is three dollars so its a lot more than three dollars!

In any case, it was funny and I wish there were more people that could have witnessed this.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Ode to Fridays!

I love Fridays! Particularly this Friday.

1. We get out of work early, thanks to the launch of BF3.

2. I get a Beauty Fix 3 kit, which means lots of cool new products for Kiel and me to try.

3. Kiel and I get to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie until I fall asleep halfway through.

4. It's leftover day so no need to cook!

5. It means tomorrow is Saturday.

I am going to LOVE Saturday, especially this Saturday!

1. Kiel and I get to sleep in.

2. We're going to the temple to meet our goal of going once a month.

3. Which means we will get a good peek of the crazy Michael J fans.

4. The missionaries are coming for dinner.

5. We get to snuggle up on the couch again and finish the last half of the movie we started on Friday :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear High High Heel,

Thank you for making my outfit original and coordinating with my dress so well. You really made me taller than all the women at the party and probably in the Amazon. It was a delight to wear you, for about 2 hours and then that's ALL I could take! My feet are STILL killing me, why do you do it shoe? Why?

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Power of Laundry

"Honey, would you like to do dishes or fold laundry?"


I smile quietly. I only asked because I didn't want to do both and I knew what he would choose. I had just done 9 loads.

He gets up to go do the dishes and laughs, "Ha, ha. I am so glad I chose dishes, there are only like five dishes in here."

"I know"

"Ha, ha, look at all the clothes you have to fold."

"I know"

"Next time you shouldn't give me a choice you should just tell me to fold laundry."

"Well maybe I'll do that next time."

His smirk quickly turns into a fake frown and he quietly does the dishes. But I know if I had just told him to fold the laundry, I would have ended up doing the dishes AND then folding the rest of the clothes he didn't finish. He hates folding laundry, he would rather chew off his left arm than fold laundry. He's perfectly content with putting his clean pile of clothes in the corner of the room and sifting through it every morning to find an outfit.

So later that night I ask, "Kiel, do you want to read scriptures or fold laundry?"

With no hesitation "scriptures!"

I'll keep this in mind next time the toilets clogged :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Text Messaging

Melissa: What are you doing?
Melissa: Hello?
Melissa: Meow
Melissa: Ruff ruff
Melissa: Quack quack
Melissa: Lets play, lets play, lets play, lets play, lets play

Kiel: Wow babe haha

Melissa: What r u doing?

Kiel: Changin out and will be home soon :)
Kiel: Ruff
Kiel: Woof

Melissa: Meow

Kiel: Bow wow

Melissa: Crack, that's what my back just did

Kiel: Rawr

Melissa: Come get in my belly
Melissa: Meow
Melissa: Hiss hiss

Kiel: Bark bark

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Don't Feel Like it

But I'm going to anyway, so my husband has a nice hot meal when he comes home from a loooong hards day work.

Wedding Bands

Something about that silver band on my husbands left hand makes my body tingle, my face light up and my heart fall even more in love. It does it every time I see him casually scratch his head or reach his hand out for mine. It's sexy, it's hot, he's sexy, he's hot. I love!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Getty

Kiel and I went to The Getty this Saturday, we need to go back, there is so much to see!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gratitude Tuesday ;)

I am thankful for…

The creepy plant my cubicle neighbor owns because it gives me something to IM my other cubicle neighbor about!

Recipes from new sisters, yay for Cheesy Ratoni Maroni and Lemon Pepper Asparagus.

The earphones I “borrowed” from my husband, they make work go by soooo much faster.

My new boss at work.

Music from the Killers, Carrie Underwood and the Beatles.

All the people that I have to send a thankyou note to! (Ps, I’m almost done with that.)

LOVE, it’s the best…I dare you to argue ;)

The opportunity to speak this past Sunday, it made me a nervous wreck but paid off in the end.

Kettle Corn, oh how I covet thee! My brown suede shoes that go with every outfit.

Two working, healthy arms.

The year of 2009 that is already half over (yikes!).

Cute, adorable nieces and nephews! My cousin Lisa, who busted her cute little hiney to give me beautiful wedding pics.

HAPPY JUNE EVERYONE, if 2009 is not going that great this is the month to choose a different path!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Wedding Pics

Go to these links:
Click on "Wedding Part 1" and then click on the first picture to make it bigger and so forth ;)

Also check out Lisa's blog:
Just copy and paste the above link into your browser.

All of the parents are getting a CD of all the shots (544), I pick them up today and will mail them out.

I still haven't seen Sarah's she will be sending me a CD as well!

Happy wedding!

The Christensen's


Meet Courtney:
Courtney is super awesome for the following reasons:

1. Every guy that meets her asks her out and she rarely excepts. That's how cool she is!

2. She's super HOT!

3. She's funny in a dry sarcastic way (the best kind)!

4. She's loving and has the most adorable nieces EVER!!

5. She's smart and corrects your grammar (ok, that's a little annoying, but still).

6. She's done events for celebrities and hates speidi.

7. She has good taste, "buy these shoes" she says, I say "oh so amazing but holy crap Courtney $700 bucks!?!"

8. She always knows where to go for lunch.

9. She was really interested in my wedding (and of course if you know me that always scores huge brownie points with me!)

10. She's a LIBRA, and totally balanced :)