Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bruce and Rhyan Update

Both babies had their checkups today. Here are their stats:
Bruce: Ht: 34 inches Wt: 27 lbs HC: 49cm - Height, 90 percentile and weight and HC 50 - 70 percentile.

Rhyan: Ht: 26 inches, 100 percentile; Wt: 16 lbs 7 oz; HC: 44cm


Bruce can now eat with a fork and a spoon. He says about 8 - 10 words but mostly talks gibberish. He climbs onto everything!

Recently, Bruce started nursery. He cries for about 30 seconds and then is fine until I come and pick him up, then I get a complete melt down for about 10 minutes which I only imagine is his "how dare you leave me here" rant. I'm his best friend and he follows me EVERYWHERE, I call him my spider monkey because if I step out to leave his bedroom for a second he quickly wraps himself around my leg. Needless to say, I trip over him all day long! He loves song time and is finally giving the props back to the teacher when she asks for them. I have to hide so he doesn't see me or else he won't go back to class. I was able to sneak a few pictures.

Bruce plays well with others. He loves to laugh and play chase. Other kids can snatch toys out of his hands and he will find another toy to play with. Unless, you take his toothbrush. If you do that, be prepared to be pushed to the ground and have NO, NO, NO yelled in your face, while he takes his toothbrush firmly back into his possession. I just let it ride out and have to admit, I'm proud of him for standing up for himself. Although, I do get the occasional, tattle tale of a mother. "You're son pushed my son!" My reply in my mind is always "yeah, well, tell your snatch monkey to keep his grimy hands off my kids toothbrush and he won't get pushed." Bruce's one and only rule of friendship is; keep your hands off my toothbrush. Otherwise, he's friendly, loving, kind and generous and even if you take his toothbrush he's forgiving. Instead, I reply with "Bruce, use your words." And he replies with "Yabba dabba doo!" Which I translate as, "he started it." Moving on. P.s., this is not the toothbrush we brush his teeth with. I buy a package of toothbrushes at Costco, just for him to play with. Most kids sleep with a stuffed animal, mine sleeps with a toothbrush ;)

He loves Cheerios and is constantly getting into the pantry and bringing me the box of "O's" (bruce lingo) so I can poor some on his tray.

He loves to tease, he constantly does things he knows will frustrate us just to get a reaction. Such as playing with the blinds, turning of the t.v. and throwing food on the floor.

He's great with his baby sister, he gives her kisses, pats her back when she's frustrated during tummy time and rocks her carseat while he waits for me to gather everything we need.

He gives high fives, fist bumps and gives kisses. Loves music and knows how to work the ipad pretty well. He amazes me everyday about something new he's learned. Bruce is an excellent observer. He will just stand and watch his parents and then the next day he will mimic what he can. He's extremely smart and has a great memory.

Rhyan is fun too. She smiles all the time, is awake more during the day and is getting used to tummy time. Bruce loved being on his tummy from the minute he was born, Rhyan hates it but is doing better. I stick her in front of the closet mirrors which keeps her preoccupied. She can also sit up by herself for about 30 seconds ;) We haven't started solid foods yet, but she is waking up in the middle of the night again for a feeding so I think she might be ready to try rice cereal. I didn't give Bruce rice cereal until he was 6 months old because I worried about food allergies. But then I had to deal with him waking up every two hours in the middle of the night and I really do not want to go through that with Rhyan. As long as her tongue thrust reflex is gone I'll start feeding her solids. Rhyan takes about 4 naps a day and her fussy time is between 7:30 - 10:30pm, she's hungry and tired but too gassy to go to sleep. Rhyan is a princess and demands to be carried around everywhere. If you put her down we get the " huh, huh, huh cry" which I personally think it's the cutest of all cries. Bruce was my spewer and yacked (he doesn't discriminate) on everyone when he was a baby. Rhyan is my piddler and pees on everyone. It's extremely embarrassing when it's someone I asked to hold my baby for a quick second while I go tackle my toddler. More often than not I do not know this person very well and we have that awkward moment of, "your baby pee'd on me" and I apologize for not bringing an extra set of clothes for them as well. But we're at church so there's not much else they can say ;) My little Rhyan has pee'd on half the ward by now! (P.s., I'm not quite sure why this happens, but it's happened on me quite a few time as well. Sometimes her diaper catches it and sometimes it doesn't.)

Both babies are a joy! We have come so far in just 4 months. Bruce is much more prepared to be a bigger brother now than he was at 14 months old.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Transition

I don't think my mood has quite transitioned into the Holiday season just yet. Weird, I know because the holidays are almost over. (But we just begun!) Here is my extent of decorating for Christmas this year:

Our floating shelf and dining table have the Christmas cheer and that's about it. No tree, no homemade wreath, no bathroom decor. Mostly because the above decor is all I have to make the place jolly. Don't worry I've already been scoping out the stores and can't wait for the day after Christmas when all of the Christmas decor goes on sale and I can ransack the place. My house will look like Christmas threw up all over year ;) For now, the t.v. blares Christmas music whenever I get the chance and I don't have a toddler changing the station.

This year we won't be home anyway. We leave in 16 days, make a pit stop in the bay area and then continue on to Oregon. I hope their will be snow so Bruce can play but that means I need to do major clothes shopping. I don't think plaid shorts and t-shirts will work in Oregon.

Oh back to my floating shelf, see the bags hanging in-between the stockings? Those are Bruce and Rhyan's presents from Omi and Opa. My MIL had the idea to make them gift sacks (I just named them that) and fill them up every year. I LOVE the idea, it's green, saves trees and saves money. Everyone should steal this idea, go on - pin it on pinterest - do it!

Anyway, Rhyan is four months today ;) Happy Birthday sweet girl. I'll do a kid post on Dec. 9th mark it on your calendars ;)

And for fun click here to listen to my 18 month old favorite song he dances too while holding his dad's ipad like it's a boom box. Awww, that kid is sexy and he knows it :D His favorite line is "Girl, look at my body, I work out!"