Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mommy and Daughter Trip

 This trip is one of my favorite trips I have ever taken and I know it had everything to do with my company. My dear little Rhyan was such an angel, 
I enjoyed spending one on one time with her.
 Dear Rhyan,
We went on an adventure you and me. We woke up early Monday morning so dad could take us to the airport. The security line started out the doors of the airport and went all the way up the stairs. We ended up missing our flight by 4 minutes. Mommy was devastated and apprehensive about how you would do on a longer flight. Instead of a direct flight we were now stopping at two different destinations before we finally made it to New Jersey.
 My worries were unnecessary, you were the most behaved little girl any mother could ask for. You made everyone laugh and smile and everyone who sat next to us commented on just how well you did. We were on an airplane for 9 hours. You finally fell asleep an hour before we landed, 10pm Jersey time. 
Aunt Sunni picked us up and we headed to Pennsylvania. You were so exhausted that you slept the whole drive and transfer to the hotel room. Mommy even got stuck on the elevator while holding you and you still did not wake up. 
Aunt Sunni had a work conference for two days so it was just me and you hanging out together. We played with toys, went to the pool, walked to the mall and took naps together.
We went out to dinner and our waiter was a young man who I swear was your first crush. You flirted with  him and whined when he left our table. You even asked him to hold you and blew kisses good bye. I hope this isn't foreshadowing of what it will be like when you are a teenager.
After Pennsylvania we went to Sunni's apartment in Edgewater New Jersey. We could see Manhattan, New York across the water. We took you to Carlos Bakery and you got a cookie. Mommy ate a cannoli and lobster claw, so yum!
 Sunni had the whole trip planned out just for you! Every kid friendly thing to do in New York or Jersey was on her list. We took you to Sugar Plum Fairy restaurant where you happily ate shoe string fries and mac and cheese with broccoli. Sunni wanted to take you shoe shopping and you got your first pair of stride rite shoes. You spent over an hour in that shoe store. You wanted to try on every pair. Sunni was in love, she's a shopper too!
Day one in Jersey was a success, we decided to go to New York the next day. We took you to Central park where you got to try a pretzel, play on 5 different play grounds, cruise around at the zoo and ride on a giant carousel.
We strolled around for hours and you took a nap in the stroller. 
Afterwards we went to a fancy restaurant that didn't provide booster seats or high chairs and charged $5 for an 8oz bottle of coke. You liked the shoestring fries, you also liked to push the stroller around while the hostess gave you dirty looks. But soon you won her over with your smile and gibberish. Stuffed with an overpriced sandwich we strolled to F.A.O. Schwartz toy store!!!
  You fell in love with a $300 stuffed dog and desperately wanted us to help you take it home. Mommy found a replacement, a $13 dog on sale that you could carry.
 We played on the giant piano, you had so much fun. We also found a present for brother and hung out in the library portion of the store.
 Finally we convinced you it was time to go back to Sunni's apartment and you dozed off as we strolled to the parking garage.
The next day mommy noticed you were getting sick. We hung out at the apartment and then went shopping at target.When it rains in New Jersey, it RAINS in New Jersey! We had emergency warnings urging us to stay inside because of flash floods. You slept while mommy and Sunni watched the lightening storm and listened for thunder. It was so close to us! You just continued to sleep, you were getting sicker. On Mother's day we rushed you to the ER. You had croupe, and sounded like a seal when you coughed.
  I was worried we may not make our flight home the next day but we did. And you did great on the way home as well. It was great to see daddy and brother again. We decided we must take them with us the next time we go to the east coast!