Saturday, January 30, 2010


Things I did before 10am this morning:

  1. Cleaned master bedroom
  2. Vacuumed the entire house
  3. Showered
  4. Pee'd 7 times and counting
  5. Fed the dog
  6. Walked the dog
  7. Got ready for the day
  8. Dropped the dog off at his friends house
  9. Posted a blog

Things I still need to do:

  1. Unload/load dishwasher
  2. Laundry
  3. Give the dog a bath
  4. Help Shelley w/Jack's party
  5. Grocery shopping
  6. Dinner

Friday, January 29, 2010

The baby likes to eat...

For my own memory, I'm posting what I like to eat while gestating w/baby #1.


We love eggs, overhard w/salt n pepper or lemon pepper! My dear husband will make these for me on days I have to work and he has the day off...oh, how I love him.

Whole Grain Toast with Jam and butter, no bread ends please.

Original yogurt w/straw, black and blue berries


Portobello Mushroom burgers from veggie grill or Veggie Delight footlong from Subway, hold the mayo and onions and I love fries.


Give it to me spicey!

Spicy spaghetti sauce, salads, chili, acutally lots of stuff, I'm not picky.

Weird Cravings

Peppercini's, pickles, tobasco sauce, frito chips and cranberry tangerine juice.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Last week the baby and I went to the Dr's.

In case you haven't noticed the baby goes EVERYWHERE with me and it's getting annoying, but I won't tell the baby that.

So, we went to the Doc's for our regular check-up.

First things first, pee in a cup.

Second, hop on scale. I hopped on the scale, with my shoes on (but I cheated because I wore lighter shoes than usual...shhhh) and watched the scale go up.

It went up a lot actually. More than it has ever been before. But this wouldn't surprise my friends who knew me in high school. I was rail thin in high school. So thin I could now eat my high school self for a snack.

Third, wait in room.

The Doc, came in and right away confirmed my fatness. "Enjoyed the holidays this season." It was more of a statement than a question. My Doctor is a straight shooter, there is no sugar coating when it comes from her.

I gave it right back to her. "You're referring to my weight gain."

"Why yes, you've gained more weight in 4 weeks than you have in your entire pregnancy."

"Well, I've been starving"

"Well, you might want to slow it down"

"So how much more weight can I gain?"

"9 lbs"

"9 lbs!?!, that's crap and you know it."

She just laughed.

I decided I hate her. How dare she get between me and food, our relationship is healthy and solid.

But as you can see, I have grown significantly. The pictures below are just one week apart.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Pregnant Mama's Listen Up!

For a number of reasons (I'm pregnant, I'm in the industry and I have a personal blog), I have been given the opportunity to "test out" stretch mark preventives and other various things that are on the market today, under the condition I give my honest opinion and blog about the stuff I like.

If you're like me, you hate ads unless there is a good deal at the stay tuned.

Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Body Butter and Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil by mama mio are my fave stretch mark preventives by far.

The butter is creamy and rubs on smooth, with a beautiful scent and non-greasy after feel. It's actives are all natural: wheat germ, shea butter, and borage oils which permeate the skin to improve elasticity!The oil is non-greasy and absorbs quickly, which of course is good news!

Well what should I buy the oil or butter? The most effective is the oil, but it also depends on your preference. Some people cannot stand oils and in that case you should opp for the butter.

Another plus about the oil is it takes less to cover your entire torso, buttocks and thighs. To compare, I go through a tub of butter a month (and the bigger I get the more I go through in a shorter period of time) when I apply twice daily...and it takes me twice the amount of time to go through the oil.

Topical treatments are essential for stretch mark prevention (also awesome genetics) so don't buy into the ingestible hoopla, anything you ingest goes straight to the baby and not to your skin, therefore, preventing nothing and creating an elastic baby, jk about the elastic baby part.

I also have a mountain of baby products to test, but I am only testing the fragrance, dye, paraben free products and throwing away the others. A baby's skin is way too sensitive to bathe in a bunch of skin care products even though they are saturating the market place. And not too hop on the organic band wagon but organic sheets, wipes, and topical lotions/creams are the way to go when it comes to a little one - seriously. But if you don't like organic, just make sure your laundry detergent, lotions, wipes are dye, fragrance and paraben free :) (Just a little advice from a product formulator/experienced skin care marketer, not an experienced mother.)

FYI to my pregnant friends, I get a discount on all California Baby and Mustela products... 50%.
So kiss up now and leave a comment...the more comments you leave the more products I get.
If you want to purchase Mama Mio (makes great shower gifts) click, the products I reviewed retail at $35.00.

xo -

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Top Moments With Kiel This Week

1. Went to the Temple to do service and he turned into date night at the Olive Garden!

2. I cried like a crazy pregnant woman about pregnant things such as stretch marks, varicose veins and loss of bladder control (no none of those things have happened to me... yet) and he took all of my woes seriously and cradled me like a baby until I was done.

3. Came home from work to a vacuumed, dusted, dirty-dish free home.

4. We decided to eat dinner on the couch one day this week and watch a movie. During the movie he took the dog out, served me dessert, got me milk and put my dirty dishes in the sink. All so I didn't have to get up. (And if you know Kiel, he hates interruptions during movies.)

5. Did a load of laundry so I didn't have to and because he needed whites, but still ;)

6. Ate the soggy soup I made and didn't complain.

7. Played Mario bros with me to help me get all of the gold coins in the levels.

8. Took me to Mexican food Friday night so I didn't have to cook.

I love that guy!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Secret Kicker

For weeks now I have felt the baby move and now his jabs are strong enough for other hands to feel him but just as another hand touches my belly he stops kicking.

I've been desperately wanting my husband to share this moment with me. I use to yell out, "he's kicking" and Kiel would quickly put his hands on my belly to relish in the moment...but nothing. Nothing would happen. Sure enough as soon as we got impatient and moved our hands the baby would give me another jab.

"What a little sucker" I said.

After the tenth scenario ending the same way, I did something different the next time my husband and I were about to have a moment with baby, I decided not to announce that he was kicking. I just quietly put Kiel's hands on my stomach, but yet again he stopped. Not one movement from him. Kiel waited for 30 minutes while watching T.V. and still not one jab or tickle.

"I guess he went to asleep" I muttered and got up to get a beverage. But sure enough as I opened up the fridge door he kicked me hard in the center.

This was becoming a fun and frustrating game.

Baby - 20
Melissa - 0

I finally scored a point this morning when I got my good morning kick right in the belly button, I put Kiel's hand on my belly and didn't say a word. Ten minutes later, I felt a strong jab and kick and Kiel felt it too!

"I felt him, I finally felt him move!"

Baby - 20
Melissa - 1

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Rose bowl Parade

This new year Diane and Jared came down to play. We bought tickets to the rose bowl parade and enjoyed all of the floats made out of natural materials and flowers. It was a lot of fun too bad the ducks lost the game.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Resolution's and Random Thoughts

Melissa's New Years Resolution's:
  1. Be more generous on fast offerings
  2. Survive labor
  3. Survive the first year of child rearing
Kiel's New Years Resolution's:

"I don't do goals, they set you up for failure" (but he's perfect anyway, so who cares. I don't and that's all who matters ;))

And lastly my theme for 2010 is: Become the perfect 10 in 2010...which for me just means to lose the baby weight by 2011 ;) But for you it could mean to improve something about yourself that needs improving.

Which, by the way I discovered 2 Sundays ago that I'm not the only one that comes up with themes for the year - that makes me feel almost normal.

And then Kiel reminds me that I'm not normal and that's when I say "duh!"

That's all folks, I need to keep my goals concise this year since, well, ummm, hello...they are big goals and to put it quite frankly I'm terrified of #2 and slightly scared of #3.


Monday, January 4, 2010

Our Year 2009 in Photo's

Some people complain that my blogs are too wordy and I should show more pictures (whatever, reading is good for you) here is our year in just photographs ;)





Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Dog Beach

Yesterday Beth and I wanted to go to the beach to kick off the new year. There are only a couple places in the world that bless us with sunny days on the beach in January and Southern California is one of them (I love you, so cal!) Instead of going just down the street I wanted to bring Montana so we went to the Huntington Dog Beach, which is the closest dog beach around.

My born and raised Northern Cali dog has been to the beach one time in his life and it was freezing, this time would be a great adventure for him.

As soon as we arrived, so did manic montana. He almost killed me getting down to the beach, so I let go of the leash. He went running as fast as he could to the water. I went chasing after him but it was too late, he was in the water chomping at the waves as they crashed and formed white water. I grabbed on to the leash and tried to prevent him from eating the water, but it was no use, he just dragged me into the ocean and I quickly remembered how massive he was.

Finally I got the pooch to head up to the nice blanket Beth had laid out for us. My thought was to have him drink fresh water so he wouldn't be tempted to engulf the salt water, but he wanted no part of it. Instead he did his business right in front of our blanket and took off running to the water again...Beth, was mortified. "He just pooped right here." I started cleaning it up, and asked Beth to watch him while I went and disposed of the evidence. She relunctantly agreed.

As I hiked up to the trash I realized I also needed to visit the restroom. When I walked back I could see Beth timidly watching Montana and aggressively trying to stay was a hilarious sight and I couldn't stop laughing the whole walk back. Beth finally gave in and touched a dirty stick to give to Montana, Montana took it with pride, shook his head and wacked a little girl building a sand castle in the back with the giant stick. Beth scrambled to get the stick from Montana and was searching for me at the same time. When she finally spotted me she told Montana to go get me. He came running full speed, rubbed his face on my beach dress, walked over to our blanket and yacked sea water all over the sand.

I'm one of those crazy dog owners that talk to my dog as if he is a person..."see, I knew you were going to get sick, now drink some fresh water" But instead he looked at me as if to say..."are you crazy, I just made room for more!" And he was off again. This time I followed him and told him NO everytime he tried to drink the water, it worked until he decided to keep a far distance from me so he couldn't hear me say "NO."

I gave up, and took him back to the blanket where he yacked again and ran back to the water. "I forfeit" I told Beth, "Where are those cookies?"

"You can't take those out or the dogs will come" She obviously spoke from experience.
Beth's entire body was covered with two towels and a sweatshirt, I could tell my germ phobe friend was completely uncomfortable with the fact that I had brought her here. To confirm this thought, Beth pipes in, "I can't believe they poop in the sand." All I could do was laugh and then she called me a Jerk.

We got about 20 minutes of peace before Montana came running up to say hi. His mouth was foaming and he had spit bubbles at the corners. This means he needs to yack, sure enough, there he went. Beth yelled, "Salt Water" at the passerbys that stared in disgust.

This time Montana stuck around and shortly after it was coming out both ends. More people stared and I quickly took it as our cue to leave.

"Come on Beth we gotta go, before this gets worse"
"Yeah no kidding"
We gathered our things and took Montana to the car, he drank a whole bowl of fresh water and moaned the whole way home.

The rest of the night I took care of my sick pup and wondered if he learned his lesson...probably not.