Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wisdom that only a 28 yr old can appreciate ;-)

Happy Birthday to me!
Well yesterday I turned another year older and though I still look like I'm 16, I'm much wiser! Here are a 28 things I've accomplished during my precious time on earth:
1. Graduated from College

2. Found a career, that I'm passionate about and LOVE!

3. Got my driver's license

4. Broke out of my shell, I'm no longer the quiet, shy girl from high school.

5. Raised a cute crazy puppy into a well-behaved lazy dog.

6. Developed mature, healthy relationships with my step/parents

7. Made my sisters my BEST friends

8. Got rid of the not so good friends and made really awesome new ones!

9. Bought a truck

10. Lived on my own and then didn't live on my own and now trying to live on my own again.

11. Learned how to cook.

12. Discovered my talents: party planning, making ppl laugh and relationship advisor

13. Went bungee jumping

14. Re-gained my testimony of the true gospel ;-)

15. Read the book of Mormon

16. Moved to southern California

17. Built a reputation with all my nieces and nephews for being the favorite aunt!

18. Had blond hair

19. Traveled, but not enough

20. Recovered from a broken heart more than once

21. Discovered my weaknesses and overcame them

22. Saw the movie Crossroads featuring Britney Spears

23. Went to the NKOTB reunion concert.

24. Was a maid of honor...more than once ;-)

25. Decided that love does and will conquer all

26. Won supreme grand champion in 1998...10 yr anniversary.

27. Got my young women's medallion (that was huge when I was 17)

28. Forgave

and now the fun part, here are 28 more things that need i plan to accomplish throughout my life.

1. find a place to live in southern cali

2. get my MBA

3. grow my hair, really, really long

4. marry the man of my dreams and live happily ever after

5. become VP of marketing at a skincare company and eventually CEO or just own my own company.

6. Travel international (Mexico doesn't count)

7. have babies and have fun making babies

8. get a 97 on Therese's karaoke machine

9. own a house and decorate

10. save lots and lots of money

11. stay an active member of the church always and forever

12. bike ride around lake Tahoe

13. continue to laugh

14. see glacier national park

15. visit the tulip garden in Washington

16. visit every single temple with my husband, i think there are like 137 so far

17. go to Greece or Italy or somewhere with Beth

18. face all my conflicts head on

19. read the bible cover to cover

20. continue to be true to myself and love others

21. attend a party on a yacht...i prefer P-diddys, but that might be pushing it

22. become less argumentative

23. continue to laugh

24. become a better daughter and sister

25. go skydiving

26. sight lots of celebrities

27. learn more about politics and keep up with the news

28. meet arnold swartzneggar