Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bruce and Rhyan Update

Both babies had their checkups today. Here are their stats:
Bruce: Ht: 34 inches Wt: 27 lbs HC: 49cm - Height, 90 percentile and weight and HC 50 - 70 percentile.

Rhyan: Ht: 26 inches, 100 percentile; Wt: 16 lbs 7 oz; HC: 44cm


Bruce can now eat with a fork and a spoon. He says about 8 - 10 words but mostly talks gibberish. He climbs onto everything!

Recently, Bruce started nursery. He cries for about 30 seconds and then is fine until I come and pick him up, then I get a complete melt down for about 10 minutes which I only imagine is his "how dare you leave me here" rant. I'm his best friend and he follows me EVERYWHERE, I call him my spider monkey because if I step out to leave his bedroom for a second he quickly wraps himself around my leg. Needless to say, I trip over him all day long! He loves song time and is finally giving the props back to the teacher when she asks for them. I have to hide so he doesn't see me or else he won't go back to class. I was able to sneak a few pictures.

Bruce plays well with others. He loves to laugh and play chase. Other kids can snatch toys out of his hands and he will find another toy to play with. Unless, you take his toothbrush. If you do that, be prepared to be pushed to the ground and have NO, NO, NO yelled in your face, while he takes his toothbrush firmly back into his possession. I just let it ride out and have to admit, I'm proud of him for standing up for himself. Although, I do get the occasional, tattle tale of a mother. "You're son pushed my son!" My reply in my mind is always "yeah, well, tell your snatch monkey to keep his grimy hands off my kids toothbrush and he won't get pushed." Bruce's one and only rule of friendship is; keep your hands off my toothbrush. Otherwise, he's friendly, loving, kind and generous and even if you take his toothbrush he's forgiving. Instead, I reply with "Bruce, use your words." And he replies with "Yabba dabba doo!" Which I translate as, "he started it." Moving on. P.s., this is not the toothbrush we brush his teeth with. I buy a package of toothbrushes at Costco, just for him to play with. Most kids sleep with a stuffed animal, mine sleeps with a toothbrush ;)

He loves Cheerios and is constantly getting into the pantry and bringing me the box of "O's" (bruce lingo) so I can poor some on his tray.

He loves to tease, he constantly does things he knows will frustrate us just to get a reaction. Such as playing with the blinds, turning of the t.v. and throwing food on the floor.

He's great with his baby sister, he gives her kisses, pats her back when she's frustrated during tummy time and rocks her carseat while he waits for me to gather everything we need.

He gives high fives, fist bumps and gives kisses. Loves music and knows how to work the ipad pretty well. He amazes me everyday about something new he's learned. Bruce is an excellent observer. He will just stand and watch his parents and then the next day he will mimic what he can. He's extremely smart and has a great memory.

Rhyan is fun too. She smiles all the time, is awake more during the day and is getting used to tummy time. Bruce loved being on his tummy from the minute he was born, Rhyan hates it but is doing better. I stick her in front of the closet mirrors which keeps her preoccupied. She can also sit up by herself for about 30 seconds ;) We haven't started solid foods yet, but she is waking up in the middle of the night again for a feeding so I think she might be ready to try rice cereal. I didn't give Bruce rice cereal until he was 6 months old because I worried about food allergies. But then I had to deal with him waking up every two hours in the middle of the night and I really do not want to go through that with Rhyan. As long as her tongue thrust reflex is gone I'll start feeding her solids. Rhyan takes about 4 naps a day and her fussy time is between 7:30 - 10:30pm, she's hungry and tired but too gassy to go to sleep. Rhyan is a princess and demands to be carried around everywhere. If you put her down we get the " huh, huh, huh cry" which I personally think it's the cutest of all cries. Bruce was my spewer and yacked (he doesn't discriminate) on everyone when he was a baby. Rhyan is my piddler and pees on everyone. It's extremely embarrassing when it's someone I asked to hold my baby for a quick second while I go tackle my toddler. More often than not I do not know this person very well and we have that awkward moment of, "your baby pee'd on me" and I apologize for not bringing an extra set of clothes for them as well. But we're at church so there's not much else they can say ;) My little Rhyan has pee'd on half the ward by now! (P.s., I'm not quite sure why this happens, but it's happened on me quite a few time as well. Sometimes her diaper catches it and sometimes it doesn't.)

Both babies are a joy! We have come so far in just 4 months. Bruce is much more prepared to be a bigger brother now than he was at 14 months old.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Holiday Transition

I don't think my mood has quite transitioned into the Holiday season just yet. Weird, I know because the holidays are almost over. (But we just begun!) Here is my extent of decorating for Christmas this year:

Our floating shelf and dining table have the Christmas cheer and that's about it. No tree, no homemade wreath, no bathroom decor. Mostly because the above decor is all I have to make the place jolly. Don't worry I've already been scoping out the stores and can't wait for the day after Christmas when all of the Christmas decor goes on sale and I can ransack the place. My house will look like Christmas threw up all over year ;) For now, the t.v. blares Christmas music whenever I get the chance and I don't have a toddler changing the station.

This year we won't be home anyway. We leave in 16 days, make a pit stop in the bay area and then continue on to Oregon. I hope their will be snow so Bruce can play but that means I need to do major clothes shopping. I don't think plaid shorts and t-shirts will work in Oregon.

Oh back to my floating shelf, see the bags hanging in-between the stockings? Those are Bruce and Rhyan's presents from Omi and Opa. My MIL had the idea to make them gift sacks (I just named them that) and fill them up every year. I LOVE the idea, it's green, saves trees and saves money. Everyone should steal this idea, go on - pin it on pinterest - do it!

Anyway, Rhyan is four months today ;) Happy Birthday sweet girl. I'll do a kid post on Dec. 9th mark it on your calendars ;)

And for fun click here to listen to my 18 month old favorite song he dances too while holding his dad's ipad like it's a boom box. Awww, that kid is sexy and he knows it :D His favorite line is "Girl, look at my body, I work out!"

Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

First I must apologize for the picture - less post this will be. Rhyan's first Thanksgiving and not one picture of her in her pretty dress and moccassins ;( Oh, well that seems to be the pattern when hosting events, I never have time nor remember to take pictures. You'll have to settle for two, really bad pictures I took the night before on my phone with no flash because the battery was about to die.

Table setting, Turkey Ornaments are napkin holders and favors for guests to take home. Bells are for the kids to hang on their tree.

This year Thanksgiving was hosted by me and Lisa at our place for a small dinner party, 5 adults and 3 and 1/2 kids ;) (Rhyan is the 1/2 just in case you didn't guess.) Our get together started around noon. Here's the menu:


Spinach Dip

Artichoke Dip

Deviled Eggs

Main Dishes

Turkey Breast, stuffed with proscuitto, mozzarella and basil. Breaded, pan fried and baked


Scalloped Poatatoes

Cranberry Sauce



Apple Pie

Oreo Cheesecake

Served with three flavors of bubbly

Pomegrante Rasperry

Pomegrante Apple


Almost everything was homemade except the spinach and artichoke dip, (save time, buy your appetizers) stuffing and oreo cheesecake. Lisa made homemade cranberry sauce and this delicious carrot dish and the best apple pie I have ever tasted. I am NOT a pie fan, but I ate both slices she left, it was divine. We both made the turkey, I really didn't have a big crowd so my stepmom suggested to just do turkey breasts. They turned out great! And poor Lisa also got stuck slicing the potatoes and onions. Bruce is a handful when I need to be busy in the kitchen he wants to be involved throughout the entire process. Anyway, the meal was delicious and a lot of fun to make.

Kiel stopped by with his police car so the kids could check it out. Bruce absolutely loved it! He's been a big fan of cars lately. He likes to walk up to every car and try to open the doors and play with the headlights (I'm sure my neighbors are thrilled) so it was quite a treat when daddy let him sit in the cop car and press most of the buttons. Jack and Mariah had fun too. They love to watch Monster Inc. and Toy Story 3 and Jack and Bruce had a great time completely destroying Bruce's room. There wasn't one toy untouched, unfortunately there was a toy lost. I still can't find Jack's car. Those two also had a blast on the stairs, Jack really made Bruce laugh a lot. Mariah and Jack also had big news to share with everyone, Mariah announced that her baby brother Jace was born Thanksgiving morning! congrats to the Jordans! Kiel's parents brought Mariah and Jack over to our house and celebrated that day with us while Shelley and Steve hung out at the hospital with their new addition.

After all was clean (thanks Lisa) and our guests were gone, we enjoyed hot chocolate with cinnamon marshmellows and rested our feet for a quick minute. I headed to Target for the midnight opening of BLACK FRIDAY while Lisa stayed home and took care of Rhyan because unfortunately she did wake up and Kiel was not the happiest guy to find out his wife had ditched him and the kids for a sale (but he said he wasn't surprised.) Here is my quick rendition about black friday. Thankfully, my friend Katie was already in line while I was at home putting Rhyan to sleep. I only had to wait an hour and she waited two hours. The line wrapped around the building three times, luckily we were in the section where it wrapped around once. I could have easily picked up the 47" flat screen for $278 bucks but we don't need one. When we do need a T.V. though, I will be waiting until black friday. Instead, I picked up $5 blu rays, pj's, gifts for families and saved $65 dollars. I saved more than I make in 2 hours so it was worth it but I think next time I will wait in line when I need something big.

Friday day, Lisa, me and the kids had breakfast, cleaned up and went to Suzy Cakes. If you've never had a Suzy cupcake you are missing out on some major goodness. We bought our cup cakes and went to the El Segundo shopping center where the water floor fountains are and they also had their giant tree up. Plus H&M and JCrew are in this shopping center. After eating our cupcakes we did a little retail therapy. Shirts for $5 bucks, sweater dresses for $15, you can't beat that. I'm still soft and gooey all over and decided not to buy clothes that show off my love handles (sorry boys.) Maybe in another month or two or three or four? From the mall, Lisa went to Shelley and Steve's and I went home to put my tired babies down for naps. I think it was around 3 in the afternoon that I started feeling ill and around midnight I had the major case of the flu. I made regular visits to the bathroom all night. Luckily, Bruce and Rhyan both slept in till 10 a.m. so I could try and recover. I had a headache the rest of the day but thankfully I did all of my throwing up during the night. It would have been weird with Bruce hanging right by my side like he does with everything else I do.

Anyway it was a fun filled weekend and I am so thankful for my family and friends and nephews and nieces. My little ones have so many cousins within their age bracket that holiday get togethers will always be fun! Jack, Luke, Bruce and Sydney will be best buds and Erica, Rhyan, Jace and soon to be born, Sophie will have great fun too! My friend Katie mentioned that her mom rents a bouncy house for the kids every Thanksgiving. Eventually when we have our own house we'll have to rent a bouncy house on Thanksgiving for all of the cousins, that would be a lot of fun!

Happy Thanksgiving, we have a lot to be thankful for!

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Finally a day where I get to just sit an enjoy them and not worry about work!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Parenting 101 notes

I went to a parent lecture today. I forgot a pen and note pad so I blogged my notes using my phone. I was going to copy it later and delete this post but I think I will leave it up for all those who find this interesting as well. The speaker was Kent E. Parke, who is a family therapist for a little over 30 years. He was awesome.

1. Help your children develop faith and trust in a kind and loving Heavenly Father. - make church attendance a normal thing you do. Lead by example.

2. Demonstrate to your children that you are in love. Demonstrate a happy and wonderful marriage to your children. Knowing their father loves their mother is critical for a child's feeling of security and wellbeing. Learn to treat your spouse with love, kindness and compassion. The lord gave Adam a helpmeet (Eve) = which means equal helper.

3. Choose your battles wisely, avoid power struggles. Never argue or bicker. Set reasonable boundaries and consequences.
- do not raise your voice. "i'm sorry you feel that way" 6 simple words.

4. Never criticize. - 25/1 home research: for every 1 compliment made to the child their were 25 criticism to follow. Children get tons of critical feedback. 1/10: for one criticism give 10 compliments. children interpret criticism as rejection.

5. Compliment often. - maximize the positive - minmize the negative. Give hugs & kisses liberally - use "hit & run" (when older, by themselves give them a hug and kiss and get out of dodge before they complain)

6. Encourage communication - be a good listener. Avoid being critical and judgemental. Be enthusiastic and supportive. Girls communicate more than boys. When they do, be there for them. Be sensitive and understanding to their feelings, even if they tell you things you don't want to hear.

7. Encourage decision making. - age 18 is coming -always give choices and let them use their free agency even if they make the wrong choice.

8. Give unconditional love, kindness, and acceptance. All children have unlimited intrinsic worth and are gifts from God! We can never error on the side of kindness!

9. Make everything fun! "why say 'no' when you can say 'yes' - let's have fun! Be a fun dad, go do stuff with your kids.

10. Be willing to apologize. - none of us are perfect. Please and thank you also help.

Avoid being authoritative, controlling, rigid, manipulative, perfectionistic, critical, judgemental, defensive, grumpy, and rude. Learn to be at peace with yourself, your spouse, and your children.

Enjoy the journey! Kids are amazing and grow up fast!

The loving relationship you develop with your son or daughter always transcends performance! When in doubt - always focus on relationships! Help your children have a safe, happy and peaceful childhood!

Do the best you can and move forward!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Taking Notes

Life is happening so fast. One minute I'm changing Bruce's morning diaper and the next minute I'm putting him to bed. Here are a few photo's of our recent events along with me writing notes to myself.

Only take showers when Bruce is sleeping or playing with Kiel, otherwise he climbs in fully clothed and there is nothing you can do about it. Wait. when did he start getting into the tub by himself? This is new. Very new. You hate how fast he is growing but love every new accomplishment.

Rhyan is 3 months now and has many expressions.
She's mostly happy.But she has the sad face down when you stop holding her. Keep holding her, she'll be bigger in no time.
We went to the beach as a family. You loved it. It was Rhyan's first time there.
Rhyan gets her turkey neck from you, the above picture is proof.You love having a daughter. Especially one as sweet and angelic as Rhyan.
Baby legs are the best (the leggings she's wearing. But yes her legs are the fattest and cutest.) You need to buy more, they are starting to get tight.
Same picture but in different light. You can never decide on what pictures you like best so you just post them all.

Bruce walked in the sand all by himself for the first time. He usually wants to hold someone's hand but not this time. He now wants to do everything by himself. He sat down next to his dad after he pulled out a snack from your purse. He is getting so big. But this moment melted your heart.And this one did too!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Daddy's Boy

A couple weeks ago Kiel and I were wrestling downstairs while Bruce was upstairs, doing who knows what (I could take a gander and guess he was cleaning the toilet with dads toothbrush since that's where I found it...shhhh Kiel doesn't know. Don't worry I threw it away. Geez, I'm just trying to have a little fun!)Ahem, anyway, we were wrestling aka Kiel was being a giant bully and dominating me with all of his strength. Where's Celia when you need her? While I was trying to get a breath of fresh air and amidst being suffocated with a pillow I took a gasp of the most foulest odor I have ever smelled in my life. Kiel must have taken a whiff himself because he gave me the most horrendous look.

"That's not me!" I yelled.
"Well it's not me."
We both look up, and there's Bruce, ten feet away, with a giant grin on his face. We then both jump up on our feet and run across the room in opposite directions and away from Bruce. Kiel yells, "whose ever closest to him has to change him!" That was completely unfair, my sprint landed me near the back door and Bruce LOVES going outside. Bruce and the stench was coming my way. My only saving grace was to change the rules.

"No, we both need to be against the same wall and whoever he comes to has to change him." We both run into the dining room and stand next to each other. Poor Bruce probably feels like the kid who touched the cheese in the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Kiel yells, "Bruce, who do you want to change your diaper?" Bruce comes from the living room peeks around the corner and sees us standing there. He pretends to go back to the living room but then he quickly turns around and runs full force at both of us, at the last second he tags Kiel's leg!

He's a daddy's boy! And this time it really paid off!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from the Christensen's

Rhyan the wicked witch of the west, Melissa a cowgirl with out a cowboy hat, Kiel a wall street protester and Bruce the cowardly lion.

I wanted to do a Wizard of Oz theme for our family this Halloween but the only two that stuck to the theme were Bruce and Rhyan. I ordered Bruce's Lion costume on Amazon and it came 2 hours before we needed to go to our wards trunk or treat party. I opened it up and it couldn't be any cheaper. The fabric shed everywhere and the inseam ripped after an hour of Bruce playing in it. I Ordered a 12 - 18 month size which is obviously too small. Poor Bruce had a wedgie the entire night. Oh well, I guess that's what I get trying to buy the cheapest lion costume. Luckily, Rhyan's costume was free. She borrowed her cousin Mariah's very first Halloween costume and pulled it off quite nicely. I just couldn't justify spending $80 on costumes for both me and Kiel so I bought Kiel a red bandanna for $1 (I'm still not sure why I did this) and he made a costume out of it. I wore cowboy boots and called myself a cowgirl.

Daddy helping Bruce with his costume:

I really wanted to get a picture of Bruce and Rhyan together but Bruce was being impossible.

So we decided individual pictures would have to suffice:

At the trunk or treat Bruce loved the trunks with the scariest decorations. Probably because they lit up and made noise. He ran around everywhere and at times was very hard to keep track of.

Saturday we went to Yucaipa and visited Aunt Shelley and Uncle Steve and cousin Mariah and Jack. Bruce had a blast playing with his cousins and they all got along nicely. We went to their ward trunk or treat party and it was a lot of fun. Bruce's favorite treat: A toothbrush. There was a trunk handing out toothbrushes and Bruce wanted us to open it immediately. He loves toothbrushes so this was a perfect treat.

After the party Shelley and I spent time on a craft project once all of the kids were in bed. Steve helped us a lot. I can't go into much detail but it turned out really cute. Pictures to post after Christmas!

Well both my children collected enough loot for us to last a couple weeks so we won't be going out tonight. My kids need to make their bedtime tonight since they've been going to bed late the entire weekend.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

101 ways to annoy your parents - By B.W.

Prelude: I'm 17 months now, so it's 'bout time I write a book! I'm sure other babies are probably in pre-school by now. Anyway mom says to write about stuff I can relate to or am good at, so here it goes. In no particular order:

101 Ways to Annoy Mom and Dad

  1. stack shoes on top of the coffee table right after it's been dusted.
  2. Hold onto the end of a roll of toilet paper and run as fast as you can (if you do this while mom is feeding sister you get a lot farther.)
  3. Then tear up the t.p. in tiny little pieces. It makes it harder to clean up
  4. Take out the tupperware and plastic bowls and throw them on the kitchen floor.
  5. Turn your sippy cup upside down and shake it all over the house
  6. Ask to be carried every where when they look busy.
  7. Turn the t.v. off and on over and over again
  8. Take their keys and hide them in a spot they will never find them.
  9. Bring outside toys inside and vice versa.
  10. Knock all of the dvd's off of the shelf
  11. Throw your food after they just swept the floor
  12. Take sister's hair bows and put them in a 5 gallon water jug, where it's really hard for mom to get them out.
  13. While taking a bath try and dump as much water onto the floor as possible
  14. Poop in the tub
  15. Take mom's candles and hide them in your room.
  16. Pull down the dish towels hanging on the oven so they land on the floor.
  17. Demand to make mom carry you while she is cooking.
  18. Get in to dad's watches
  19. Hide dad's wallet underneath the area rugs (takes them forever to find it.)
  20. Call 911
This is a work in progress, if you have some ideas feel free to leave a comment and might include them in my book ;)

baby B

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My birthday weekend

I had the best weekend! I guess I will start in order.

My birthday was on a Friday, and since I work Mon - Thurs. I decided we needed to get out of the house or Bruce was going to kill us all. So I rounded up the clan and headed to Chuck E. Cheese. (P.s. does anyone know what the E. stands for? Why is Chuck so secretive about his middle name?) My friend Cambria and her two kiddos also decided to join us it was great fun. Plus, Bruce is at the BEST age for this place. You know why? He was completely FREE. The kid was so mesmerized by the games and flashing lights, he didn't need any tokens. I had a coupon for 10 free tokens and he used two. I spent 5 bucks at this place for an unlimited salad bar and drink. Bruce loved the salad bar.
Chuck E. or (hey Chuck do you mind if I call you Chuck?) Chuck came out and said Hi to the kids, I was very interested to see Bruce's reaction and the kid was fearless. He ran right up to the GIANT mouse with GIANT teeth and gave him high fives, asked to be held up so he could grab Chuck's nose and head butt his cheeks. (I seriously need to work on this head butting issue.)

After more play time, it was time to go home for nap time. And if you are wondering where Rhyan is, she's sleeping in her stroller, like always when we are on outings.
While the babies napped, I got ready for my hot date! Catalina Kitchen at Terranea Resort offers you a free surf and turf dinner if you dine in on your actual birthday. That's a $48 value folks! I couldn't pass up the free lobster tail and filet mignon so we made a reservation, asked my friend Cambria to babysit so we could leave BOTH kids and enjoyed ourselves. This place is gorgeous! It's a twenty minute drive through the cliffs with the ocean on one side and giant mansions on the other. A very beautiful drive.

While we were there, Bruce was well taken care of. Don't worry our sitter didn't whack him on the cheek that's his eczema flaring up ;)
And for fun, I included a pic of another Friday adventure we had last week. Here's Bruce dancing at Pretend City.

After dinner we walked around the resort a little bit and then headed home. It was a wonderful evening; the food was amazing, the weather was perfect and my date was REALLY hawt!

The next morning we took the kiddo's to the pumpkin patch. Again Bruce is the perfect age because he can't go in the jumper and is happy walking around and throwing pumpkins (Bruce we don't throw, it's not a ball, Bruce, no, no.) Okay so maybe he's not the perfect age but if you're not careful you could really do some damage to your bank account at these places. We walked out of there with two pumpkins. We spent 5 bucks, 2 dollars for grain to feed the animals and 3 dollars on two pumpkins. The larger pumpkins we didn't buy at the pumpkin patch, instead it was buy 1 get 1 free at Vons and I jumped on that deal. Thirty dollars for a pumpkin? Is it filled with gold? NO? O.k forgetta 'bout it. (read the last sentence with an italian accent, it's fun.)
My name is Bruce and I need shades, but I won't keep them on my face, so forgetta 'bout it. (read the three last words with a baby gibberish accent.)

He had so much fun feeding the animals, and I got a million pictures but just posted a few. I think he knows how to communicate with the lambs because he would walk right up to them and give them a solid head butt. (Bruce, stop that. I can't sanitize your forehead because of your sensitive skin. I said no, no...whatever.)
Before we left, Bruce picked out a pumpkin for himself and for his sister. And again, Rhyan was asleep the whole time. I thought it was amusing that he picked out a big and little pumpkin, just perfect ;)

Here is our pumpkin family: Daddy, mommy, Bruce and Rhyan.
Lastly, I have to post a picture of my bling. Kiel completely surprised me on my birthday gift. I asked for a gift certificate at Nordstrom and instead he surprised me with this beauty. It took a minute for me to get used to the size. But I absolutely love it, it's at the jewelers right now getting sized. Thanks babe! Well that about does it. A perfect weekend and not one picture of Rhyan because she was sleeping the whole time ;) I can't believe the year is almost over and this is Bruce's second round of holidays.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bruce and Preslee

Yesterday, I watched Preslee so her mom could work. Bruce and Preslee play so well together, it's really cute! Here is a video of the two laughing hysterically. I guess Bruce and Pres both thought it was funny to lock Bruce in the downstairs closet.

Rhyan and her 2 month check up

Here is Rhyan on her two month birthday! Don't you just love those cheeks? And yes she is in her brother's pajamas but I figured it would be okay if I made her wear a flower to bed ;)
Rhyan is really strong and already tries to stand up with daddy's help of course.
She smiles and coos alot now. It's really cute.

Rhyan had her two month checkup last Friday and weighed 14lbs 10 oz and 23 inches long. She is in the 100th percentile in weight and 75th percentile for height.

Rhyan is such a joy to have in our family. She is so calm and patient. She allows me to take care of her brother without a peep from her. She goes everywhere with me! Rhyan has already been to two movies and did great at both! Kiel and I had a date night two weeks ago with another couple and had a babysitter watch Bruce. I wasn't comfortable leaving Rhyan so she went along for the date. We went to dinner and a movie. And then another time I saw a movie with a girlfriend and took Rhyan. She goes shopping with me at 10 o'clock at night while Kiel stays home and watches Bruce. I love it, she's my little side kick. She is doing really well at night now. She sleeps 6 - 8 hours!

Here is a video of her smiling and cooing. Sorry it's really annoying because I am also talking on the phone while recording.