Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's not too late

It's not too late to list my new year resolutions since it's still January. First, let's toast to 2008! The year: 2008

The Motto: 2008 will be great!
It Was: A transitional year
Things to remember/accomplished for the year 2008

1. Got rid of a toxic relationship
2. Made amends and new friends
3. Got my Bachelors, yay!
4. Got a hot boyfriend
5. Quit my job
6. Moved to Southern cali so I could be close to my hot boyfriend and the skin care industry
7. Had another birthday
8. Said goodbye to my bay area friends (tear*)
9. Got a brand new job (well at least a different boss)
10. Found an awesome place to live

The Year: 2009

The Motto: 2009 is my time to shine!
It will be: A year with a lot of firsts!
The Goals

1. Get engaged (accomplished 1/21)
2. Get married (Target date: 4/18)
3. Be the best wife ever (an on going process)
4. Take a vacation with my husband (honey moon, baby!)
5. Make EYETOPIA a successful brand
6. Move in with the best roommate ever (no more moody, passive aggressive chics, yay!)
7. Survive wedding planning
8. No soda for the entire year (so far so good)
9. Make a home with kiel
10. Enjoy the year, embrace it, remember it and take it all in.

This year will be the first time I...

1. Get engaged
2. Get married
3. Go on a honeymoon
4. Wear a wedding dress
5. Kiss my husband
6. Live with a man who is not related to me
7. Change my last name
8. Buy a birthday card that says "To my husband..." (haha)
9. Go sky diving
10. Meet Arnold Schwarzenegger

That was fun!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Can I Just Say?

My friends are amazing!

I feel like the luckiest person alive right now. I just hope nothing happens to screw it up. This is why I'm lucky.

My friend Sunni, is one of my best friends and lives close to me now. We have so much fun together and girlfriend is a planning machine. If i need birthday reservations she's on it. If we want to stalk the girls on The Hills, she's on it. And most importantly, if I want to go wedding dress shopping GIRLFRIEND is on it. I am so thankful to have her in my life.

Thanks to Therese I can ask her any beauty question and she will know it. If it wasn't for her I probably would still be looking for a job. She continues to give me such love and support everyday that I talk to her. Her advice on life has been such a blessing for me and I am so thankful to have her as a true friend.
Sarah Krause is a gift from heaven, I just know it. We connected at such a deep level and never in my life had I laughed so much with a complete stranger, until I met Sarah. The adventures I did with this woman in less than a year were more than I had done with friends I've known for twenty years. The first day trip I took with her had me icing my tail bone for months afterwards because we jumped off a bridge into freezing cold water and I landed wrong (she has the video to prove it.) From there we went night clubbing, "carnie hunting" at the Alameda County Fair, camping at Camp Richardson, a Jessica Simpson Concert, threw a kick butt Madd hatter party and took a weekend trip to Tahoe. We don't talk enough but she's a friend for life, I can sense it!

I love the talks that I have with this woman, she cracks me up! I love a million things about Rachel, but what I love most is that I can sense that she truly wants what is best for me. I get to see her this Sunday and I can't wait. Best of all she is doing my wedding invitations and flower arrangements. Thanks Rach!Oh holy knockers, it's Beth! I talk to this girl 59 times a day. No, joke! We love each other, we are there for each other and oh my gosh who knows what I would do without her. She has gone above and beyond so many times. She helped me find a place to live when I was homeless in LA, she is the google master and she truly follows through! I need a place for a wedding reception, Beth is on it! I need to go wedding dress shopping, Beth is booking appointments! I need cute fun ideas for a baccalaureate party and Beth is throwing it ;-)

I have the most amazing sisters! All of them have been so helpful and supportive. Michelle helped me pack when I moved to LA. Anything I need the woman will drop what she's doing and lend a hand, regardless of how busy her own life is and trust me, it's busy! Katie is hilarious, does my hair and really comes through when I need her. I know my wedding reception will be amazing no matter where it is held thanks to her, a.k.a. Sgt. Dan. Frances, my love!!! She is the ultimate wedding planner and has the purest heart known to man! I saved the best for last, yes, yes I did.

The number one reason why I am the luckiest woman on this earth...I'm marrying the best man ever!! He's my pumpkin and I have never felt more myself with any other person than him. We are so comfortable with each other that we can pick each others noses! Who does that? We do. I love him and can't wait to start our lives together.

Corny, I know but I had to say thanks to everyone who has touched my life this year!

ps, there are tons more but this blog is long enough already, but thanks Marcie and Rachel Kidd.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy New Year!

Okay so I'm a little late and I haven't posted anything in 4-EVER but hopefully new years resolutions will change that so my loyal readers (thanks Beth!) won't be disappointed!

New years weekend was such a blast! My friends from the Eastbay came down to celebrate. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

I work for a plastic surgeon so it would only be natural to support botox right? I got my friend Beth and I matching botox shirts, we decided it was hilarious and spent the weekend wearing them every chance we got.

We went out dancing to celebrate New Years. The ambiance consisted of cigar smoke, barely there clothing and drunk people everywhere (I know gross!) but we had fun getting ready and dancing for a few hours and we managed to ditch the champagne showers! Even though, I brought in the new year at a club, I think I am officially over them for life!

Left to Right - Me, Rachel Kidd, Yellow Dot, Marcie Hanberg

Poor Kiel had to wait forever for us girls, he's such a trooper ;-0 Ps, this is a pic of when he was awake, he slept most of the time while we got ready.

And it is now the year of 2009!!! Marcie, Rachel, Dot

Happy New Year Everybody!