Saturday, April 24, 2010

1yr Anniversary

We can't believe how fast a year has gone by. Already it was time to celebrate a year of marital bliss! We took the Catalina Express Friday night and landed on the beautiful Catalina Island.Kiel made reservations at the Metropole hotel. It was an adorable place to stay. We loved it!


As soon as we checked in we rushed to dinner at Steve's Steakhouse and had a delicious feast! We ate so much there was no room for dessert. The next morning we had breakfast and then toured the island. Here is us, being us.

We went to the Avalon museum, played air hockey, ate lunch right by the docks, treated ourselves to icecream and shopped around. Kiel spoiled me the entire trip and topped it off with new sunglasses and salt water taffy.

And here we are, all 2 1/2 of us! I am beyond huge, but what do you expect anything less from a 9 month pregnant lady?

My sister is going to ship us our wedding cake. The place that made our cake for our wedding remakes the top of our cake for our 1yr anniversary but won't ship it :(

Last year we made a tradition to make a wish and not tell each other until the next anniversary. I wished Montana would be able to come live with us, and Kiel forgot his wish. So this year we are going to write them down. In summary half of our wishes came true ;)

And in case you were worried about Montana, he did a great job holding down the fort. He even vacuumed and did the dishes. We wish! Actually he was being pampered at 5 Star Doggie Inn and is welcomed back anytime, phew!

Thanks babe for the wonderful memories!
xoxo - M

Monday, April 19, 2010

Update on "Preparing"

Well, we've made some progress since my last blog on this topic...

Nursery painted - check
Hospital tour - check
Pre-registered at Torrance Memorial - check
Child birth, breastfeeding and newborn classes - check
Mother completely uncomfortable - check

Major Accomplishments

Montana, is now sleeping in the living room instead of our bedroom. Last night was his third night in a row and he didn't even come in once in the middle of the night (major progress). My pregnancy hormones must be going crazy because emotionally I've been taking this very hard but Kiel assures me he is fine. This is a big accomplishment for us and will be a great help when the baby comes and I don't have to trip over a giant moose in the middle of the night to feed the baby.

Kiel painted the nursery!!! He did such a good job. He is a total perfectionist when it comes to projects like this, which I LOVE by the way. I taped off the walls and pointed out spots that needed to be re-done but the rest was up to my handy man husband who will now be the professional painter when we have our own house. Poor guy - I hate white walls.

Baby C had another ultra sound today and his estimated weight as of right now is 7lbs 10 ounces. He's in the 84th percentile and we are too far along to get a head circumference this time, but it's not looking good ;( Well, I shouldn't say that, things look great and baby is healthy. The doc said he'll be an estimated 9lbs when he's born and could be bigger since big babies grow faster than average. But I hear they are usually off. I'm hoping we will compromise and be no more than 8.

And for fun, my friends at work have been sending me pics of 9lbs newborns...frightening to say the least. This guy below is just hours old.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Historical Events

Event #1

Who: The Brute
What: His head dropped on mom's bladder and has been stuck there ever since. Mom can finally breathe and no longer experiences heart burn.
When: Yesterday, April 14th at approximately 9am
Comments: People say this means it's getting close. I hope it still means I have 4 wks to go.

Event #2

Who: Kiel
What: A car seat is professionally being installed in his pimping cool car. A car seat for his son who will make his entrance shortly. A car seat in Kiel's car, is anyone else laughing?
When: Today, April 15th
Comments: Thank you CHP for your car seat safety expertise and please don't scratch the leather for your sake ;)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just So You Know...

My Husband, you know him right? The tall handsome guy who likes to grab the back of your arm and squeeze really hard. Yeah, him. He left a mark on me the other day. But don't worry I told him, since he's the police and he said he reported it (liar).

Anyway, Kiel has a, what I like to call his "Just So You Know List." It's a mental list of random things that "we" are going to accumulate throughout our time here on Earth and he always adds things to the list randomly.

Like when we are driving on the freeway and we see a Ferrari pass us Kiel will say "Just so you know we are going to own one of those." Or if he notices that his brother in law is selling his motorcycle, Kiel will chime in "just so you know, I'm going to have one of those." Or when we are at Home Depot buying paint, and he wanders off to go check out something that will be added to "the list."

"Why do we need an air compressor?" I asked

"For all kinds of stuff an air compressor is a necessity." He replied.

I shrugged, I have know idea what an air compressor does (or what one looked like until he showed me), but I guess he plans on opening up his own tire shop one day?

But with every item added on the list I always reply the same. "Just so you know, we are buying a house, putting the kids through college and having an ample amount of savings before you get anything on your 'just so you know' list."

Well this weekend Kiel got something on his list. We went to Target and purchased a BBQ, and fed the missionaries an awesome grilled meal. Of course I had to talk Kiel out of buying a giant one from Costco. He still got a really good one. But later that night he said,

"Just so you know, we are getting a built in BBQ when we have our own house."

"Great!" I said, "I love a man that BBQ's."

Monday, April 5, 2010

Nothing Fancy Here

April has never been a fancy month for me but life has changed that.

We are looking forward/enjoying the following:
(in order of excitement)

1. Our 1yr anniversary! Yep the 25th will be a year, more on that later. The trip to Hawaii has been cancelled due to an enormous object expanding in Melissa's belly but Kiel has already conjured up another place to celebrate that's within travel limitations and promises we can do Hawaii next year. Who wants to babysit?

2. Maternity Leave!!! April 30th will be the last day I roll out of bed and stuff myself into appropriate clothing...sweats will be my best friend for awhile.

3. Kiel has weekends off!!! We had a great weekend this weekend, even though too much was going on and we (Kiel) didn't get around to painting the nursery. It's nice to spend time together even when it's just running errands.

4. Getting ready for baby! I hope it's all done by May 1st. We are slowly making progress. We at least have a spot for the baby to sleep ;)

5. Last, Beth's birthday! Yay, Beth! Your late 20's is excited to meet you too ;)