Friday, May 3, 2013

Announcing Baby # 3

10 weeks

This year Kiel and I decided one of our family resolutions would be to have another baby. I guess we accomplished that goal right away! This little girl will be born on September 16th at around 7am (gotta love scheduled c-sections.)

As far as names go we are throwing around everything we can think of. I think it's between Ellie and Lily.

My top two names got shut down faster than a dirty diaper pail; Isla and Ever.

I also like Alli and Abbey. Kiel likes Lyndsey and Analena. Oh the pressure, of a name. (anyone name that movie?)

Anyway, the important thing is Rhyan gets a little sister! I'm so excited for her! And she will be a great big sister.

20 more weeks to go!

Palm Springs

Girls trip! This weekend I flew to my friend Cambria's house and then we drove to her parents condo in Palm springs. We met four other girls there, all from my old ward, Redondo 2nd. We had so much fun shopping at the outlets, laying in the pool and eating out at yummy restaurants. We had girl talk every night. After Palm Springs I stayed with Cambria two more nights before flying back to my own family. She showed me around town and we took her kids to the beach club. We also saw the movie Mud, not sure how I feel about that one still. I guess go see it?

 After being away for a couple of days I was greeted with the happiest faces! I love these two kids of mine and feel so refreshed! We went out to ice cream to celebrate my return.

Me and Roman at the beach club

Happy Anniversary

Four years I've been married to my wonderful husband! We always like to go over our life "check list" when this date approaches. This year we added homeowners to the list! And we now jointly own a car or have a car payment whatever way you want to look at it ;) Let's not forget, baby #3 baking away!

For our anniversary we went out to dinner and I came home to 4 dozen roses! Love this man!

Train Museum

 Bruce is obsessed with trains, train tracks, train horns, train wheels, anything that has to do with a train. We finally took him to the California Railroad Museum in Old Town Sacramento and oh my, this kid died and went to heaven! There were so many trains he didn't know which one to run to first! He loved it so much we bought a family membership. We can go whenever we want and it also includes free train rides.
 Rhyan is such a ham and loves taking pictures. She likes to master things over and over again, this trip it was up and down the stairs. Lucky momma!

 The trains were very neat and Kiel and I enjoyed ourselves quite a bit.

After the museum we walked threw Old Sacramento, grabbed lunch and grabbed a pound of salt water taffy. Such a fun day!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Christmas Morning

 Christmas morning was quiet and celebrated with just us four. Santa left unwrapped gifts under the tree and we opened our presents from each other. I made breakfast in the crock pot the night before but it was really gross and I won't be trying that recipe again. We had the Keogan's and my Aunt over for Christmas dinner. It was super low key and really yummy!

 I tried to get a picture of them both by the Christmas tree but they wouldn't hold still.

They loved their presents from Santa ($4 at Walmart)

Somebody tried to sneak down the stairs and wait for Santa, I guess he couldn't wait that long ;)

Sarah's Birthday

One of my good friends had a birthday in December. We made it a friendship union and a bunch of us went out to dinner in Walnut creek! We had so much fun! Happy birthday Sarah!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thanksgiving 2012

Ummm, I know I'm way behind but...We hosted Thanksgiving and it was a lot of fun. We had a lot of visitors and our kids loved playing with their cousins. My agenda also included a 12 hour black friday shopping trip where I got a lot of my Christmas decorations for a steal. A 7'5" fake Christmas tree for $55 bucks anyone? Yeah, it was awesome. Kiel officially hates poinsetta's because I went on poinsetta overload. Anyway, here are pics from Thanksgiving weekend:

 Funny story about my Thanksgiving decorations. I went outside and cut a few branches down from our trees, unfortunately there were only a few that had fall foliage and the rest were green. I had a brilliant idea to go out and cut branches from the trees on Sand Creek Road, but I didn't have time so we elected Kerry. He willingly (or reluctantly) obliged and thankfully cut down all of the branches we needed before the Brentwood police told him to "stop doing that." Thanks Kerry! And we are glad we didn't have to bail you out!

 I pulled out the Elf the night everyone got there. Mariah absolutely loved him and drew pictures for him to take back to Santa.

Black Friday Madness

 .99 cent poinsettas at Home Depot.
Garland, Wreaths and more poinsettas. If you look closely you can find Steve. This is where he stayed most of the trip. I don't even think he slept in the guest bed. Dang college finals!

 The day after Thanksgiving we decorated for Christmas!

One of the many attempts to get a group picture of the cousins.

 It was fun! Should we do it again next year? And maybe Brig and Tyler will come too!