Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's about Father's day and about time

A message from Bruce to his dad:

My dad is the coolest person on the planet and here's why:

He's super funny and makes me laugh even during church:

He's very handy with tools and makes me a make-shift play pen so I can watch him sand mommy's junk:

He let me ride shotgun when he parked his car from the driveway to the garage. It was so intense, I just sat there and took it all in.

He's super tall and lifts me up so I can see all of my surroundings. Plus, check out who I get my good looks from.

He got me a season pass to the aquarium, the seals and sharks and jelly fish are things I could stare at all day. This trip the octopus scared me and my dad lifted me up and saved me.
I follow my dad EVERYWHERE! From the second he gets home to the time I go to bed. Here's a photo of me waiting 15 minutes in front of the bathroom door until my dad was finished with whatever he does in there. Mom took a picture because it's the LONGEST I have ever sat still while I'm awake.
Thanks dad, I can't wait to play tomorrow.

Bruce belated 13 month post

I haven't blogged in awhile and really don't like my last post so it's time to catch up.

Brucey boy is getting so big and although the milestones have slowed down slightly, cognitively I see a new development everyday.

He blows kisses, gives high fives, tries to copy every sound you make and your hand gestures. He knows daddy in sign language along with more, thank you and hungry. I'm sure he would pick up on a lot more, but I need to teach myself first.

He says the words "up," "dada," "daddy" "mama" "no no" "ya ya" "dat" (for that) "do" (for dog) and are you ready for his combo? boo bear! When Bruce gets hurt he asks for his boo boo bear in his most dramatic voice and this magical thing calms him right down. It sounds more like booo booo bare when he says it. Hmm, it's hard to describe. Really it's an ice pack with a bear on it. I sing his boo boo bear song and the tears stop!

He also knows his opposites, when I say no he says "Ya, ya" and when I say "Ya" he says "no no!" Ha!

For some reason Bruce loves playing in his little sisters crib.

And check out his new hair cut... BeforePs. he took the above picture all by himself while we were driving from the aquarium. Not bad eh?
I think he looks more like his cousin Jack with his new hair do.

Anyway this kid is adorable. He learns something new and annoying everyday and I can't help but laugh. He loves to walk while we hold his hands and he took two steps the other day, he thinks it's a game. We try to get him to stand but he flaps his arms so fast in excitement he falls forward.

He favorite thing is to dance, on the stairs. Alright must go cook dinner!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Things I'm obsessed with as of late...

The Casey Anthony trial... I can't get enough. I've read 317 pages of interviews, watched hours of tapes and now wake up early so I can catch the trial live, eastern time. It's extremely sad and disturbing. I can't figure out what's worse, Casey murdering her daughter or her parents standing by her side. After going through all of the evidence, I can't possibly understand how they could think their daughter is COMPLETELY innocent. Now i'm depressed, onto happier obsessions.
Free Cycle.Org, Frances introduced me to this site. It's a site where people recycle their junk under one condition, it must be completely free. No trades, exchanges, or money can be involved. The first person to take it off the givers hands gets the treasure. So far I've gotten a crib, unused still packaged hair bows for Rhyan, a car play mat for Bruce and this lovely gem below...

It's a beat up desk that will go perfect in my "antique" guest room as soon as Kiel sands, stains and lacquers this beat up thing. We're making progress.
And another thing I'm obsessed with... Chocolate cake! I made this baby a day ago and half is missing already! And yes I'm responsible for every single crumb gone.

And lastly, I'm obsessed with the guest room. I'm obsessed with making it look like a bed n' breakfast. Pictures to follow once it's completed. Because of this obsession I am also obsessed with home goods and their unbelievable reasonable prices of mirrors and wall decor.

Bruce's 1 yr photo shoot!

I'm excited that I finally got Brucey boy's photos back from his 1 year photo shoot! Alexia Sotelo has been Bruce's professional photographer since Bruce was 6 days old, so I thought it was appropriate to have her take his 1 year pics as well.

I wanted the photo session to take place at Wilson Park, the same place we had his birthday party. As you can see when you scroll through the pictures, there are lots of different locations within the park that make for great pictures ;) If you haven't noticed by now, I'm not a studio picture person, I like the aesthetics of the out doors and for this particular shoot; I wanted things to be fun, colorful, and boyish.

The props were carefully selected to portray the theme mentioned above. All props were in primary colors, playful and perfect for little boys. I brought the balloons and the beautiful quilt made for Bruce by his Omi. The colors were perfect for what we wanted to portray (don't worry, Omi it didn't get one piece of dirt on it) and really popped against the green grass. Alexia provided the red wagon, green chair and tricycle. I kept the outfits simple.

Wilson park provided the railroad sign and caboose for a more rustic feel.

Out of 90 pictures, I selected 25 that captured all facial expressions, props and scenery. Hope you like them, and let me know what one's you want prints of. I love them!

The above picture, was a "behind the scenes" shot if you will, but I chose it as one of the final 25 pictures because I like how Bruce is happy as a clam even though all of our photo props are practically stacked on top of him. Plus the colors look great!