Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gratitude Thursday

I am grateful for....

My i-phone and all the effort my sister made to get it for me!
Beth and her identical bike cruisers.
My BF and his txts...oh so cute.
Monica...for teaching me how to cook so I can complete my journey to becoming "the most desirable woman."
The paper copy of my Bachelor degree...awww, I can finally relax!
My friend Sunni because she got us tickets to the Dr. Phil Show,...let the brain washing begin.
Songs that I can sing off key and out loud, i.e. "Angels" by Jessica Simpson.
The opportunity to share the gospel...because it's amazing.
My friends that showed up to my lasagna feast.
The Mad Hatter Party planning committee.
Montana...because he shows me he loves me EVERYDAY!
Friends that have hot tubs.
Therese and all of her career advice.
The mere fact that Jelly shoes are back.
Keri and her addicting excitement for the NKOTB reunion tour.
Little kids birthday parties...yay chuckee cheese.
The computer systems at work that are finally back up and running!
Meatloaf at my parents house.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

101 Things About Me

1. I chipped my front tooth when I was 13 @ Marina Skate in Pittsburg, CA.
2. The first time I knew when my dad truly loved me was when he risked his life on a busy freeway to rescue my Princess Diana Paper Doll that flew out the window.
3. My first kiss was in a pile of cotton seeds.
4. I grew up as a city girl during the week and a country girl on the weekends.
5. I have an iPhone 3G and want an expensive camera.
6. I stare at myself in the mirror, waaaay too much.
7. I'm a California girl born and raised, but I have a vacation home in Montana and Oregon.
8. I have a list kept in a secret place of all of things I want to do with my husband.
9. I am a daughter of God.
10. I would walk 20 miles in high heels if they matched my outfit.
11. I sing out of tune...ALL the time.
12. I am constantly trying to become a better person each and everyday.
13. I love relationship books and am currently reading "The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriages" by Dr. Laura, borrowed from Beth.
14. I look like my mom.
15. I relate to my dad.
16. I'm on my way to being a successful business woman.
17. My life has come full circle...more than once!
18. I believe in second chances.
19. I got my undergrad degree and it took me a looooooong time.
20. I want to get my MBA and I think it might be cool to get a doctorate of some sort...(Dr. Stirling has a nice ring to it.)
21. I love everything about my family: The good, the bad and the indifferent.
22. My childhood dream was to become a soap opera joke.
23. My nickname in middle school was "Melissa B-flat," thanks to stupid Dante Franklen!
24. I played the clarinet in the 4th grade and lied to my music teacher so I didn't have to play in the 5th.
25. I was a 4-H member and raised lambs, pigs and steers.
26. I think children are the best teachers.
27. NKTOB was my very first concert and I can't wait to go to their reunion tour.
28. My favorite Jelly Belly is watermelon.
29. I think cheating at card games is more fun then winning fairly.
30. I'm extremely competitive and must be the BEST at everything!
31. My sister pretended to be me and succeeded on more than one encounter w/the PO lice.
32. My dad taught me how to shoot a gun when I was a wee little thing.
33. As a child, I was fearless.
34. I love Hawaii and would like to own a condo in Maui when I grow up.
35. I kiss my dog on the lips.
36. I use to think of a million different ways on how to annoy people.
37. I think PDA is romantic, even though I pretend I'm shy.
38. According to 8 people I can make a mean tasting lasagna and 7 said it's the best they ever had!
39. I love to snuggle and be close with the ones I love.
40. I have a huge purse collection and love each and everyone of them individually.
41. I hate folding laundry and messy rooms.
42. I believe I would win the messiest room contest...hands down!
43. As a child it would take me an hour to make my bed because it had to be "perfect."
44. I've learned that there is more to life than a perfectly made bed.
45. I believe in the goodness of people and feel everyone should be treated with love and respect no matter what.
46. I'm obsessed with Arnold Swartzneggar and don't know how to spell his name.
47. There is nothing better than a chocolate dipped cone from DQ on a hot summer night.
48. I love difference of opinion!
49. I love party planning, hosting a dinner and cleaning up afterwards.
50. Presents are absolutely amazing: The giving, the getting, the wrapping and the opening ;-)
51. My birthday deserves a month of celebration!
52. If you Google my name, I show up.
53. I hate sammiches on the beach because they become sandwiches.
54. I'm witty.
55. I believe my dad is tougher than anyone...don't mess with me!
56. I like chocolate cupcakes without frosting.
57. My sense of humor can be off-putting at times.
58. I'm left-handed.
59. I want to see the world and absorb different cultures.
60. I get cold easily.
61. I have to shave my feet... stupid genetics.
62. I pretend that the Stirling Castle in Scotland is ALL mine and I can't wait to become Queen!
63. I dream big.
64. I talk during movies and it drives people crazy.
65. No one knows me better than my younger sister...our souls are connected.
66. I understand and appreciate my parents more and more each day.
67. I knew it all at 10! I don't know what happened.
68. I have been in more car accidents than my entire family put together...hence the reason they never let me drive.
69. I am geographically challenged and have the worse sense of direction.
70. I hate bad tempers.
71. I sleep with 5 blankets, most of the time.
72. My favorite holiday is Halloween, because I get to carve Pumpkins.
73. I love the smell of money!
74. I prefer veggies over candy.
75. I have always loved to save $$$, there is nothing more rewarding than watching that bank account grow.
76. I have 5 different distinct laughs, and I love people who make me laugh.
77. I know odd little facts like, "laughing burns 80 calories and Tom Cruise's agent is Jewish."
78. South Park is hilarious and so is Sex in the City.
79. I've always wanted to compete in a rodeo.
80. I think old couples in love is the most romantic thing ever!
81. I still have the very first doll that i was given as a child and keep her in my room, always.
82. I yearn for the purple stuphalumpagus my grandmother gave me, that was tragically misplaced years ago.
83. Judgemental people and political conversations intimidate me.
84. I think kissing in the pouring rain would be so romantic.
85. The best type of flowers are the "just because" ones.
86. The criteria for a perfect Sunday is: Church, napping on the hammock and eating meals that were made for me.
87. I have been to over 50 concerts! Some artists include but are not limited to: Madonna, Bette Midler and Britney Spears.
88. I love going to conferences that will make me a better person after it's over.
89. I love the gospel because it's true!
90. I think the Beatles are musical geniuses.
93. When I was young I secretly looked up to my younger sister.
94. I'm pretty easy going and can have fun just about anywhere.
95. I hate drugs and am proud to say I have never tried them.
96. I've fallen off a horse more than once.
97. I like to bite the faces off of gummy bears.
98. I am a firm believer that hot food should be eaten hot and cold food should be eaten cold, therefore, you will never see me eat cold pizza.
99. I stand by the saying "Actions speak louder than words."
100. I won 2nd place in my schools 6th grade spelling bee competition.
101. I thought writing 101 things about myself was going to be difficult but it was actually pretty easy.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's The Little Things...

Lately my heart has been overwhelmed with love for family, friends and just life in general. I have now reached the age where most of my friends and ALL of my sisters are married and starting or have their very own families. I find their stories of life and love endearing and just wanted to share the little things I noticed about them and their relationships that demonstrate the love that they have for each other...

I know Mike loves Frannie because he never lets her carry heavy things and he knows that whenever she goes out to eat, if there is French dip on the menu she will order it ;-)
I know Frannie loves Mike because she gets off the phone with me the moment he comes home so she can give him a hug and kiss and talk about his day.
I know Frannie loves Ashton because she called me today hysterical, to let me know that Ashton had just chipped his tooth ;-(

I know Casey loves Katie because he shares his bed every night, even though she snores.
I know Katie loves Casey because after four years of marriage, she still looks at him like he's the hottest man alive.
I know Katie loves Gerry because she plays cars, over and over and over again.

I know my Dad loves Karen because he built a home in Montana and let her decorate.
I know Karen loves my Dad because she didn't kill him when he built his home in Montana ;-) It's been said, that remodels are extremely stressful on relationships.
I know that my Dad loves his daughters because he's there in a moments notice when we need something fixed.
I know that Karen loves me because she gives me lots of food so I don't have to go to the grocery store for an entire week whenever I come for a visit ;-)

I know that my mom and George love me because they took care of my dog while I worked.

I know that my grandma loved my grandpa Chambers because she missed him everyday, since the day of his death, til the day she died.
and I know that my grandpa loved my grandma because he told her so...

Overall, it's the little things that make you feel REALLY special.

I love you all...Melissa

After posting my blog I witnessed another demonstration of Grandma Janet struggling for 10 minutes trying to put socks on my Grandpa Steve who is recovering from Knee replacement surgery. I just HAD to take a picture.