Saturday, April 11, 2009


The other day I was reading random blogs, which is something I do randomly and came across a blog that was titled "21 Signs You're a Bridezilla" and since everyone in my wedding party plus my family has been referring to me as such, I continued to read. To my surprise, I hit a couple things on that list. Eek!

Thankfully, Kiel and I have only 2 weeks left till the big day! I am most excited about no longer being a "bride to be"and being able to be a wife. But then again the title "wife" is such a big title and a little scary. Anyway, since my "fiancee" title is almost over, here is a summary of my bridezilla moments!

1. Picking a wedding date - or should I say dates? After the 5th time of changing the date because we were trying to accomodate everyone, Kiel put his foot down and said no more! So, April 25th it was (and is).
2. Picking out a wedding gown - our engagement was pretty short according to the wedding dress time zone, so of course I panicked. I convinced my friend Beth to go to Utah with me to go wedding dress shopping, but during those two weeks before I went to Utah I managed to committ to buying a dress, cry my way out of it and then buy another. Oh, did I mention I never made it to Utah and Beth bought a plane ticket for nothing? But the good news is, I love my dress ;)
3. Wedding Planner - My wedding planner quit after the first month of being my wedding planner, she threw her hands up in the air and said she was done. She said it was because of my incessant calling, my need to get everyone's opinion involved (too many chiefs), and that she couldn't keep up with how fast my mind changes. Did I mention she's my sister? But luckily, although she doesn't call herself my wedding planner anymore, I've still managed to call her 5 times a day and she project manages ;-)
4. Location, Location, Location - Again I signed a contract and again my dad had to get out of it. I was able to find a place for the reception, lunch and ring ceremony 2 months before my wedding. Pretty lucky if you ask me, and not bridezilla like at all, they have their places picked out 10 years in advanced.
5. Flowers - All those who know me, know I have expensive taste. I don't mean to I think there's some kind of gravitational pull that I have not been able to avoid yet. So of course when searching for flowers, I unknownly choose ones from Iceland that are $20 a flower and my table arrangements were going to cost $2,000. Fran and Rick were able to pull some strings and get flowers that are similar and within my budget - yeah!
6. Invitations - After getting them all done and sent out (so beautiful) I jack it up by putting the wrong address on them. I had a major melt down on this one! Beth and Frances pulled through and made correction cards to be sent to everyone. I still cringe when I think about it.

The funny thing is, none of this will matter the day of - it will just be about Kiel and I and the committment we make to each other on that special day - oh and like everyone else has been saying - the wedding pictures!
Oh and ps, I really do have the best fiancee, ever! He has been so supportive through this whole thing and is the reason I am still sane (some will argue that I'm crazy, but while it's my blog I'll describe myself how I want). Thanks for the hugs babe ;)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ARRRRGH, I did it again

If I blogged about all of the car accidents I have been in/caused, this blog would be like the love Kiel and I have for each other, never ending (Awwww!). So instead I will just blog about the ones that made it to the insurance company and my most recent streak of ridiculous encounters.

My first accident that "totalled" my very first car took place in concord during a night time drive. The car was old, shook like a rattle when it went over 25 mph and gushed power steering fluid the minute I filled her up. Unbeknownst to me she had been suffering from depression for quite some time (since she got hit in the Target shopping center a few months prior). She decided to take her own life the minute I wasn't paying attention and crashed right into a telephone pole on Myrtle Drive. RIP, mom mobile with excellent AC and that's all.

The year 2004 was the year for more and I had lot's more accidents that year. It first started in my driveway. I backed into my roommates boyfriend car and broke his taillight and mine. That particular incident wasn't reported to the insurance but when I backed into a brand new BMW in the Kmart shopping center it was with the same side that I had previously damaged so I got it fixed. As I was driving my rental car that was given to me while my car was being worked on I rear ended a Jaguar on Highway 4 and "totalled" the rental car. Finally, I get my truck back just in time to run a stop sign and smash into a mercedes. That put my truck out of commission for a couple weeks. But it also slowed me down and made me not have accidents for awhile until I moved to LA in October of 2008.

Since LA, I've been t-boned on Santa Monica Blvd., rear ended on the 405, my car broken into and now I rear ended someone. As I was picking my car up from the shop (it was being fixed from the previous rear end) I headed back to work and crashed into a camry. At least it wasn't an expensive car this time, but still it's not something I need on my AMAZING driving record ;-)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Free Lunch

Every Thursday my company buys lunch for all the employees. Today we had CPK's, such a treat ;-) I have always been a fan of free food.