Saturday, February 23, 2013

Winter Mornings

I love these winter days. They are just so cozy. This is Bruce and Rhyan's first official winter and our first winter in four years. I can't lie, I have been really cold and snuggled in blankets and jackets and scarves for most of it but I still like it.

Rhyan has been extra snuggly this morning and both kids wanted to get in our covers while they watched Dora the Explorer and I caught up with the outside world via cell phone. Since then we have done breakfast, danced to buzz lightyear and straightened up the house. Rhyan has given me fifteen hugs and kisses and twenty snuggles. I love it when she's like this. I call her my Angel Girl because she is so sweet.

Bruce decided I needed to wear earrings today. He went to my jewelry box and picked out the biggest clunkiest pair I own and told me to put them in my ears. So of course I obeyed and I've been wearing them all morning. I tried to take them out once and was promptly told to put them back in so I did. He also told me I look pretty with them on, so I guess I'll wear them all day. Rhyan decided she needed a flower in her hair, first thing, so that's what we did. She's cried twice because Bruce thought it would be funny if he took it out of her hair.

Kids are just wonderful. And I love these little wonderful moments that I get to experience each day that are more often than not, taken for granted. I love the kisses, hugs and their quirky personalities. I love that Bruce needs MILK first thing when he wakes up before you can say the words "good morning." I love that Rhyan wakes up so happy, with a bright smile, ready to conquer the day. I love snuggling on the couch while we watch nick jr. and then hearing them yell when I say, "all done, no more t.v. until nap time." I love the diapers, getting them dressed and hearing them play together. I feel so blessed to be their mother and thankful for my time here on Earth. Life is too short, enjoy it while you can!

Friday, February 22, 2013

18 Months

Little girl turned 18 months at the beginning of this month and we had a great well doctor visit! Her stats: Weight - 27lbs, 85 percentile; Height - 31 inches 85 percentile; Head Circumference - 54cm, 125 percentile.

She loved her doctor visit and loved prancing around in her diaper. She also discovered her belly button, over and over and over again.
 Seriously the cutest little girl ever! Right now Rhyan's favorite toy is her shopping cart. She loves to stroll around the house with a collection of items in her cart, making several rounds around the dining table.

She is such a good eater! She loves vegetables, treats, eggs, meat, sticky rice and whatever else you feed her. She likes to feed herself with a fork and spoon.

Rhyan loves to chatter! And she is saying a lot of words. She likes to repeat everything she hears. She also comprehends almost everything we say. "Rhyan your shoes are in the kitchen." "Rhyan get your pj's." "Rhyan goes night, night."

She passed the autism test with flying colors. She is such a bright, happy and funny little girl. She loves to dance and play with her brother.  She loves girly things like hair bows, necklaces and bracelets.

Rhyan now goes to nursery during church and if it was at a better time, I think she would be a piece of cake. Her second time in nursery she did great. She runs straight for the puzzles and tells me bye bye. She is such a big girl!

We love you Rhyan! We are so glad you are apart of our family. You bring such joy and life to our everyday, we couldn't imagine it any other way!