Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gratitude Thursday

I am grateful for... really is the best medicine.

Late night ideas like "Hey Beth let's go get dessert at La Scala and pick up your youngster while we're at it ;-)"

Sisters that can be inside my mind and figure out my problems, so I don't have to ;-)

Southwest for being the low cost provider.

My family, for letting me be my crazy imperfect self.

Decorating parties and friends that help.

Going to dinner with Marcie and having a grand ole' time.

My Aunt who had a safe surgery.

Cuss words...sometimes you just need to express yourself in a not so very nice way.

Beth who will not be going rafting on Saturday because she is helping me instead ;-)

Yummy artichoke and jalapeno dip.

The Hills premiere...Mondays, now have a whole new light.

Choices...should i take the job?...should i not take the job? maybe i'll just counter his offer;-)

Happy endings

Sunni who is going to grace the bay area with her presence and see Mama Mia with me tomorrow!!!

Fred who gave me a $1 off coupon for Togo's.

Cooking day because it ellicits the domestic goddess within ;-)

Nate Adams for making the yard look pretty so we can party Madd Hatter style.

Summer fruit...i love the variety.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My dog would make the best husband ever…

He is 100% loyal.
He keeps his eyes on me and only me when I’m home.
He desperately misses me when I’m gone.
He listens to everything I say.
He doesn’t mind watching chick flicks as long as he can lie by my feet.
He never strays while I’m away.
He thinks anything I cook is delicious.
He doesn’t have to say “I love you” because I know he does.
He’s constantly trying to make me happy.
He waits to eat his dinner until I’m home.
He’s always sad when I leave and happy when I come home.
He eats spiders and insects that occasionally appear in my room.
At night, he is the first one to go check out the “funny noises,” awww, I feel so safe.
He’s the first to notice if I’m sad and immediately offers his support.
He loves to go on adventures and is down for anything as long as I’m by his side.
At restaurants he lets me take the seat and he takes the floor.
He always walks on the outside with a lady.
He never stinks up the bathroom.
He lets me talk about whatever I want and always seems interested in what I’m saying.
If I spill food, he’s the first to clean it up.
He scares away the rodents.
He never complains.
He loves to “clean” the dishes.
He digs holes so I can plant flowers.
And lastly, he’ll do anything I tell him ;-)
Yep, that’s my dog.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Gratitude Thursday

This is going to be more of a Gratitude story because so much has happened this week and thankfully I have lots of pictures ;-)

First and foremost I'm thankful for men that look outstandingly sexy in uniform...okay maybe just my man...ooh baby ;-)
Second I'm thankful for places like ViceRoy and girl talk
My introduction to pinkberry
The spa..I died and went to 4 hours of heaven with one of my greatest friends, Therese.
My dog, who hates the smell of stinky shoes but appreciates a nice smelling perfume and who always makes me stop to smell the roses.
The dollar store and the little treasures hidden there.

My trip to DQ and the fun outfits.

Million dollar ideas
Oh hail the outlet stores....and this is where the story begins.

I ended up buying the dress in red for a bargain price of $30...not bad for Kenneth Cole.
The two best words a woman could ever ask for ;-)

And on the way home I saw these amazing ships but I could only take a picture of the sign...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The coolest dance moves since Michael Jackson

Gratitude Thursday

I am grateful for...

1. Friends that act silly at a Thai food restaurant.


3. Little boys faces when they get a present they enjoy.

4. Family Time!

5. LOREAL coulour juice lip gloss.

6. Words that make me smile like "Schaetzle'" and "Guten Tag"

7. Paper mate pens because I never feel guilty when I lose them.

8. Sunni, because she's more obsessed with celebrities than I am...k maybe not but pretty close.

9. Make-up because it does wonders for my face.

10. Rachel, because she is the cutest pregnant lady ever!

11. Face book's super poke application.

12. Webster's New World Dictionary.

13. The color pink.

14. Tomorrow because I get see my pumpkin.

15. Feet that are uglier than mine

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Badge # 440

My dad...

Graduated No. 1 in his class in the police academy, raced motorcycles, has arrested more bad guys than John McClain in Die Hard and is cooler than Mr. Freeze in Batman #4.

Is responsible for my obsession with presents. He gives the best presents! For Christmas one year my sister and I got a horse and the next year we got a goat...a goat! Who does dad! I will never forget my birthday when I got the oh-so-coveted Teddy Ruxpin, he took me to Toys R Us and told me to pick out anything I wanted except for the talking bear, I figured the reason being it was too expensive but later that night I discovered it was because he had already purchased the beloved gift. I can tell he loves giving more than getting and he likes to compete with the other gift givers...he usually wins when it comes to giving the best presents. Sebastyan, my nephew put another "present-winning" notch on my dads belt this weekend.

Can fix things!!! Not just necessities, like water heaters and power outages. I'm talkin' the cool stuff like golf carts, dirt bikes, boats, cars and Teddy Ruxpin. One year he bought seven golf carts that were all broken and fixed four of them for his three daughters and himself. Unfortunately, a few golf cart accidents occurred but for the most part we had soooo much fun driving them everywhere on his property. He let me be the first one to ride the dirt bike, what a mistake... I drove it right into a 10 foot ditch, but he was also the first one there to see if I was okay and with a mouthful of mud, I nodded yes. He use to buy cars for 5 dollars at a junk yard and fix them up so we could drive them around. Some of them were pretty hilarious: The bobcat's passenger seat consisted of a lounge chair and the Nissan had a cardboard hatchback which was the reason why the passengers were intoxicated with Co2. One summer and every summer after that we had a boat and it came with water ski's that were just my size, along with a knee board and a really cool orange flag that I got to wave when my sisters biffed it.

Loves to scare people. He really gets into it time he dressed all in black and put on black leather gloves so he could "pretend kidnap" my step mom....hmmm, maybe I shouldn't be posting this one.

Taught us how to be "hide n' seek" masters! #1 rule for hide n' seek: always play in the dark. #2: play on your turf. #3 wear all black, don't be afraid to hide where the spiders are and be QUIET.

Is always the number one pick on a paintball team. One time he shot my Uncle Scott in the neck, unintentionally in that particular spot, so he says, but he's never had bad aim...Uncle Scott never played paintball again.

Always had the coolest fireworks for 4th of July and would never tell us where he got them.

Has killed lots of animals: boar, elk, deer, rabbit, and one time he shot a rattle snake while we were camping, he was going to make us eat it but luckily it spoiled first.

Tested all the toys before he gave them to us to ensure that they worked of course. The good thing that came out of this was that we got really cool toys like a giant trampoline, Nintendo and the really big video games like Asteroids and air hockey.

Knows everything! He knew when we took the truck out for a joy ride even though we parked it in the exact spot where we got it (we even placed wood blocks where the tires were suppose to go.) Ask him a question, he has an answer.

So here's to you, you crazy nut that goes on hide speed chases while your daughters are in the car! Happy birthday, with much love.

Miss M
(Now I have to be your favorite, Frannie and Michelle have never written a blog about you ;)