Wednesday, September 22, 2010


After being here on Earth for 4 months and some change Bruce has become very good at expressing how he feels. I think that is one thing that is just awesome about babies, they never hold back their emotions. Here is what Bruce likes and dislikes so far...
Bruce loves his beach hat...
Bruce loves his fingers and his thumb.(B in his cute church outfit)

B hates anything that restricts him from movement. He hates getting dressed and he hates being swaddled.

Cuddle Time
B loves to cuddle and talk to you. He loves to hold a burp cloth or blankey while he is doing this and his mommy can never get enough cuddle time with her precious snuggler.

Story Time

B loves story time. I added this to his bedtime routine and he loves looking at the pictures. He tries to grab the pages and sits still through the entire story. I've only read the same book to him for now (repitition, repitition) but he loves it.

Playing with Daddy

Bruce and dad playing pattie cake

B loves playing patti cake with daddy and just recently Kiel introduced the song "itsy bitsy spider" and bruce laughed alot until he saw me with the camera.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

4 Months

Bruce is 4 months today!
Trying to get a picture of this kid is as difficult as teething (Bruce came up with that one.) But seriously he doesn't sit still or he gives me his serious face because he is staring at the camera so intently.

He does make some cute faces tho :)

Bruce is becoming very social and does not like to be excluding from our activities. When we are eating dinner he expects to be in the kitchen, when I am taking a shower he expects to be in the bathroom and that goes for when I'm putting my make up on as well (getting ready for church is such a you taste the sarcasm?) And when I'm blogging he likes to be on my lap, like right now ;)

He communicates by making noises and hardly cries. If he wants me in his bedroom, he hollars. (I have a video of this, i need to post soon) If he wants more food he makes a different sound etc, etc, etc. He also has a unique sound he makes for when he has poopy pants but I hardly hear this sound because he rarely minds that he has poopy pants (not that he rarely does.)

He is reaching out and grabbing things alot more and with his LEFT hand (mostly.) The floor gym, mobile and the baby in the mirror entertain him for solo play. He also likes the television when daddy is playing his violent video game (yikes.)

He smiles more at strangers, instead of giving them the furrow brow.

And he now stays up for longer intervals. He's a great napper and definitely knows the difference between day and night but he still needs a feeding around 3am.

We'll know his measurements and weight in about two weeks.

Happy 4 months Bruce!

Friday, September 10, 2010

27 Amazing things about Kiel, with examples

Well it's that time of year again. Kiel is turning the big 2 - 7 and it makes me want to punch him. Only because I'll be turning the big 3 - 0 next month. Oh to be 27 again. Scratch that I do NOT want to be 27 again, unless it was a do over.

  • So here we go a list of 27 amazing things and this time with examples.

  • And just so you know I come up with a brand new list every year with no repeats and I'm doing this on a few hours of sleep (thanks baby B) so good for me:) pat, pat on the back.

27. He's not afraid to put his apron on (figuratively speaking) and get dirty girl style. You know, dishes, scrubbing bathrooms, vacuuming. That's right Kiel does all of that and more. But do NOT ask him to fold clothes, I repeat do NOT ask him to do that:) But also do NOT dust HIS table, HE will do that ;)

26. He's a nerd, electronically speaking. I don't know how he keeps up with it all but he does. He knows the new phones, ipods, game systems, etc. that are coming out, their features, all about their operating systems and I'll just stop before I fall asleep right here. This is amazing because, I don't do this stuff and we always have cool stuff in our home because he does.

25. He makes me laugh and alot of other people too. Such as yesterday when he gagged because my breath smelled so was funny.

24. He's taking me to Hawaii in April...Aloha!

23. He spoils me (see above example)

22. He makes sure his family is taken care of, such as getting his wife's car smogged and washed and buying her a dresser and so on and so on.

21. He entertains his pregnant wife.

20. Quotes movie lines accurately even if he's only seen it once

19. He takes montana for walks

18. He buys me flowers 17. He paints

16. He makes money

15. He makes Bruce laugh

14. He has great taste in jewelry

13. He grills a mean steak on the BBQ

12. He's pretty easy to please

11. He's tall enough to pee in the sink...not that he would EVER do this, i'm just sayin' he's tall :)

10. He eats all of my dinners even if they're burned

9. He does what I say...most of the time and definitely by the fifth time I say it

8. He cares about family and doing family things

7. He's responsible and adheres to his church responsibilities

6. He doesn't mind when I buy wii points for my wii

5. He bought me a wii

4. He's a professional driver and can arrest people too.

3. He puts together cribs, strollers, baby toys, dressers, changing tables and lots of other stuff...rocking chair ;)

2. He puts bruce to sleep as easy as 1 , 2 , cry and 3

1. He's an amazing father and husband

Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's Happening

We're no longer sick at this house...yay!

Bruce got a new toy, the floor gym. We noticed it was really difficult for him to grab things so we hoped this new toy would help him along and it really has. Now those of you that have hair, watch out!
It's also a great toy for tummy time...You can't tell in this picture but he is really scooting along. The other day he scooted towards a box that had a picture of a baby on it and he made it all the way there (about 5 ft). He is really trying to get his legs underneath him and move. He is also on the verge of rolling from his back to his tummy.

Who said dinosaurs are vicious?

I tried Bruce's halloween costume on him today and I hope he fits into it by the end of October. I had to stuff him in as it is and he is growing like a weed. There is a little room for growth.He really wants to sit up, if I sit him on a chair he uses his ab muscles to sit more forward and can stay steady for about 20 seconds ;)

Bruce is also teething, but he's doing it like a champ. Drooling ALOT and knawing on anything he can get his hands onto. Chilled teething toys seem to soothe him.

Lastly, we are grooming Bruce for sleep training.

Now before you get freaked out, this is Bruce falling asleep on his own. What you can't see is his huge gummy grin and eyes propped wide open underneath his blanket. Kiel and I have no idea why he does this but he somehow gets his blanket all the way over his face and then chats away and nods off after a couple minutes. Then I come in and fold the blanket back down, crazy kid.

It's so nice when he falls asleep on his own. He does pretty good, there have been a couple of days when he just wants to be rocked to sleep but most of the time our sleep method works. In the beginning he wanted me to stay in the room until he dozed off. Everytime, I left he would spit his pacifier out and yell. Now he let's us leave. Next, we will try and take away the swaddle and then the pacifier...pray for us.
Sleeping through the night...
Not in this house. It happened for a week and now we are back to our 4am feeding. Any suggestions?

OH and I had a milestone as well. I went to my first GNO (Girl's Night Out) activity with a bunch of young mom's from our old ward. We went to the melting pot. It was alot of fun and nice to just relax. Of course we talked about our babies all night but what else are we going to talk about?