Monday, March 29, 2010

The Weekend is over! (YAY!)

This Saturday I over did it.

It started with me running down the street in my pink robe chasing the stupid dog who was chasing a very fast cat.

I gave up after 10 minutes (who was I kidding anyway? Even the birds were laughing at me.) The dog successfully ditched me. I went back to the house changed into something a little more decent and began my hunt again.

After an hour, I saw someone walking Montana searching for me, his owner. "That's mine!" I yelled. I thanked him graciously and dragged the moose back to the house.

(The dog needs obedience school...Seriously!!! I signed him up that day, he starts April 9th.)

I was now an hour and a half past schedule. My Seester and her fam were in San Diego and were coming to camp at our place for a night before they headed back to the bay. I scrubbed both bathrooms, turned the baby/guest room into just the guest room, vacuumed the apartment to its entirety, dusted, straightened the kitchen and hiked up and down the stairs 20 times between doing loads of laundry and taking out the trash.

Being a house wife just on the weekends is not easy, though being a full time house wife probably isn't either.

Thank goodness Fran knows how to turn a 2 hour trip into a 4 hour trip or it all wouldn't have been done by the time they arrived.

Anyway, that night I couldn't move. Not even to get up and get a blanket that Kiel SWORE we didn't need because it was too hot (not even a sheet.) I had to crawl out of bed to the blanket and then crawl back into bed and then watch as my husband stole the blanket from me because he was freezing.

Good times.

But seriously, it was good times with Fran, Mike and Ashton!

You all come back now ya hear!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dermstore Rewards and some other nifty discounts

It use to be that every quarter my work gave us Dermstore rewards where we could order product and get 50% off.

Just yesterday they changed it to anytime we want! So now I get a 50% discount on every thing has to offer, amazing! And of course I can hook a sister up if need be. Cousin Lisa your order will be made shortly.

Also, have you mommies heard of this website They sell EVERYTHING baby related but at least 10% cheaper than any store, plus they offer free shipping and NO sales tax, even if you live in the pathetic state of CALIFORNIA!

My favorite service they have to offer you ask...Next day diaper delivery directly to your house! You discover that at 2am you have two diapers left, just hop online order the dipes (at a 10% discount) and get them delivered (for free) in the afternoon. Pretty amazing :) Anyway this is probably old news to most mommies reading this but, I just wanted to share just in case ;)

Happy discount shopping!


Ps, those of you that are afraid I will lose my dermstore discount once I change careers, never fear my beautyaholic friends are here and they will hook a sister up in exchange for visiting rights to Baby Christensen.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby Shower # 2

This Saturday I had my baby shower in LA at Shelly Carter's home (a friend from church) with my friends and family that lived in the area.

My best friend Beth threw the shower with the help of Kiel's sisters and cousin, Lisa, Shelley and Amy and our friend Monica. It was beautiful and a lot of fun!

The diaper cake, food and dessert! Lisa, made the dessert all from scratch, it was amazing!

Beth had all of the guests make a scrap book page and then put it together, we also played pin the batman mask on the baby and traditional baby shower games like don't say the word "baby."

My work friends and me posing with all my presents.
Between both showers Kiel and I got A LOT of adorable clothes for the boy, our stroller and car seat, pack n play/bassinet and my work got us our crib! Now it's time to go shopping and finish the nursery. I can't wait!
Thanks Again, Beth, Lisa, Shelley, Amy, Monica and Shelly for a beautiful shower!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kiel, The Cool Parent

As my due date approaches I get wound up tighter and tighter like the wire on a spring, except I don't have a bounce. There are so many things to do and I want them all to get done NOW! Kiel is still cool as a cucumber. Chillaxed about everything and it drives me crazy/calms me.

Yesterday, was a normal, grumpy, man I hate Mondays, Monday. But as soon as I left the office and saw the sun shining it became contagious. I couldn't help but get in a good mood and rush home to the Hawt Husband. We were going to go to Home Depot and select paint colors for the nursery. Something we agreed to earlier in the day via Yahoo chat.

When I got home he wasn't in the mood to discuss paint colors. He was too busy cleaning up the baby and laundry clutter that had been camping in the living room since the baby shower last week.

"Babe, I was thinking about painting the baby room dark blue and tan."
"It doesn't matter to me." He replied

That stopped me in my tracks. It doesn't matter? Well of course it matters. It HAS to matter, no matter if it's only going to be that way for a few months until we move. "What do you mean it doesn't matter?"

"I mean you can do whatever you want."
"But I want you to have input, you picked out the theme after all"

He then laughed in submission, realizing this wasn't going to go anywhere worth while and started vacuuming.

Fine, tan and blue it was. After he was done I asked when we were going to go get paint and he said we didn't have to go tonight.

"What?" Of course we have to go tonight. I don't know why, I can't explain it. I know it's not for a rational reason, because I am in no way shape or form a rational person during my 7th month of gestating. That being said, there is no way this non rational pregnant woman would be able to sleep if I went to bed with zero paint cans in the living room.

So we went after dinner and looked at all of the blue and tan possibilities.
I told him what walls I wanted blue and he disagreed. I smiled and said thanks for participating.

We moseyed around for an hour, bought more random things and left the store with a can of blue paint, a can of tan paint and randomness that Kiel needed.

Afterwards we headed to golden spoon frozen yogurt for "double stamp" Monday night special and ordered the best frozen yogurt combo ever.
I then asked if we could paint that night and he of course said no. "How 'bout tomorrow?" Again the answer was no. So April 1st it was decided, when we both have a weekend off and can paint during the day.

My one last question for the night was, "What are you not going to miss when I'm not pregnant anymore?"

He quickly replied: "I plead the fifth."

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Baby Shower, Bay Area Style!

This weekend I packed up the dog, kidnapped Beth and headed up north to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Baby Christensen with my friends and family in the bay area.

The shower was so much fun and I got to see friends that I haven't seen since high school.

Activities: Decorate a onesie, create a baby face using photo's of Kiel and Melissa, drink applejuice out of a bottle and play trivia.

My stepmom made the food, she is an amazing cook! Menu: Chicken salad sandwhich on croissant role, Tortilla and Potato soup, potstickers, fruit and potato salad.

Nicole Evans made the cake

Me and my mom

Me with my prego sisters, the oldest already popped hers out.

Group Pic

Thank you Frances and Karen for your hardwork and making it so much fun. Thank you Jana for the potato salad and cookies and everyone else who helped set up!

I also drove to my cousin's friend's studio and took pictures of me and my prego belly. We did a really fun shoot and can't wait to see how those turned out!

Till next time, I already miss my friends :(