Monday, August 30, 2010

We've been sick at this house...

Bruce brought home a little souvenir from Opa and Omi's house last week...the flu bug. He has since shared it with me and I shared it with his dad and his dad has shared it with...?(TBD)

Our little boy had a tiny cough that has since turned into a congested cough, runny nose and last night VOMIT all over his crib, the floor and me.
The only good thing about this venture is he sleeps ALOT. But to counteract that he is extra fussy when he's awake. Hopefully this ordeal will be over with soon, although Kiel is just now feeling it.
On another note, here are more cute pictures of Bruce in the bath. I love taking pictures of him in the bathtub and this time he was trying to remove a washcloth I had put on his head. His left hand placements are so cute...and I especially like the picture where he dragged the washcloth on his face by accident, what you don't see is him having a fit because he can't get it off his face.
And now his new thing is he likes to suck on a washcloth while he's getting a bath and he likes it when I spray his mouth with the water sprayer, makes him laugh every time.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

What the world needs

Less talk about Mosque's being built on ground zero

and more babies that make the cutest fishy faces...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bear Lake

Tuesday we went to Bear Lake. We met Shelley, Mariah and Jack at her place and then drove to Bear Lake where it was a lot cooler and less humid. We had a picnic lunch and then let the kids play. Jack got his shorts dirty, so here is Shelley chasing him down in his diaper. He is a fast little guy.Here is Bruce chillin on the picnic blanket.

Montana loved the water and especially loved it when it crashed on the shore.
I put Bruce's little feet in the water and he started crying so that was all she wrote.
I did get a cute video of Mariah throwing rocks for the "big brown dog" as she would say. Ready, Set, Go!

And here are more photos of our trip.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bay area vacation: Fun, Family, Mini Trips & Only One Fatality

This past week our little family was in the bay area. This was our first trip to the bay area when I only had one thing on my agenda: Be the mormon god mother at Micky's baptism. Of course our agenda filled up very fast as soon as we arrived in town.

Kiel went to an A's game with his dad and also went shooting. It was the first time he got to shoot his birthday present.

Surprisingly my mom was also in town so I packed up Bruce and went over to my sister Michelle's place. Here are a few quick snapshots of Bruce with his cousin Avril and my mom in the background. She is almost 3 months older than Bruce.

Later that same day, Kiel, Bruce and I went to dinner at my dad's place. Here is Bruce with Uncle Austin.

And here is Bruce with my dad. These pictures were taken later in the week at Kiel's parents house, but you get the picture (ha ha.)We also hung out with cousin Luke. Bruce is now bigger than his cousin and a few pounds heavier. Katie, Frances and I went shopping with all three of our babies. It was quite a site to see all of us treking around with three strollers in tow. Patrice and Celia watched Fran and Katie's older children while we took three hours to spend a lot of dough. The good news is Bruce is a great shopper and it means I can go more often ;)

Thursday Kiel had to leave so he could go back to work. I was able snap this picture of Bruce and Kiel napping. Just before I snapped the shot Bruce moved one of his arms down, he did have both of them up like his dad. We missed Kiel a lot, but Bruce's Omi was able to help while his dad was gone. Which I appreciated a ton! Single parent hood is not for me, that's for sure.

If I had written a love letter while Kiel was back at home it might have gone something like this:

My dearest love,

The sun is gone and it is still hot underneath the black sky. We strolled around the park with Omi, Brittany, Gabe and of course Syd and I missed you. I think Bruce misses you too. He misses the way you put him to sleep and wrap him up so tight so he feels safe and secure. I miss watching you give him a bath and seeing you triple check the water, making sure it is the perfect temp. for our baby boy.

Omi, has been second best at filling in. She can put Bruce to sleep better than I can. Not one tear is shed. He just drifts off to dream land one butt pat at a time. She makes sure to get all of Bruce's creases where curdled milk hides, just like you during bath time.

I've been tired and busy, busy. I saw Sarah, we had a nice chat and she loved seeing Bruce. Friday we went to the beach with the Keogans and your mom and Celia. It was beautiful. I chased after sand dollars with Brittany and Celia and that's when the fatality happened. My phone is dead. I guess it was the final shove I needed to hop onto your phone plan. Brittany was kind enough to let me go commando in an extra set of clothes she brought so I didn't have to sit in wet clothes on the drive home. I also got a pedicure while Omi babysat. Micky's baptism was lovely and we celebrated afterwords at Katie's home. I chowed down while Micky and Bruce played. Sunday we went to church and then had one last dinner at Fran's house with my mother. I love spending time here, but wish I was back home with you. Our little family safely under one roof, the way it should be.

See you soon darling.

xoxo - M

Happy belated 3 months

Bloggity, blog, blop, blob! There is so much to blog about but first things first...

Bruce turned 3 months old on August 16th. We celebrated in the bay area. My baby is packing on the pounds and learning something new everyday. He just started to grab things. I can tell this is not easy for him. He stares at the object very intently before sticking his fist out and grasping it with two fingers.

He loves, loves, loves to stare at his hands and eat them too.

He talks and drools a lot. I go through 5 bibs a day and all the burp cloths we have it seems like. He just started communicating with a "talk-cry" instead of just a cry.
I never realized how wonderful the baby stage could be. I always thought I would enjoy the toddler and preschool stage more, but now I don't know. I love Bruce as a baby. I love watching him try and figure out things. His laughs and smiles are so precious and I especially enjoy his cuddles when he's tired. He is such a sweet little boy and couldn't be more privileged as his mother.

Happy 3 months Bruce!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bruce and Queen Syd

Meet Queen Syd, (she's so cute she passed princess and went straight to queen.) She's Bruce's cousin on Kiel's side and 2 months older than Bruce.

See Bruce stare at Queen Syd

See Bruce and Syd together...
See Syd make her move...
And here is a video of Sydney laughing every time Bruce hiccups.We have another video but Kiel needs to edit it first.

Also Bruce is 3 months old today!!! Here is a picture, it's not his annual monthly photo because we are in the bay area. We'll have to do one when we get back.

Dear Aunt Lisa

Just when you thought I couldn't be any more adorable, you go and get me this little number...

I liked my outfit so much I didn't mess it up until 5pm.
I have a sad face because mom tried to get me to stick my hands in my pockets not because i don't like my outfit!

Thanks Again...

Your favorite nephew, Bruce!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


(Laughing my pants off)

I played with Omi yesterday and she made me laugh so hard my pants fell off ;)

Balboa Park

We went to Balboa park yesterday with Lisa, Omi (Kiel's mom, Bruce's Omi) and Montana. It was a blast for all.

See the white stuff on montana's head? Bruce spit up all over the bench that montana was laying under and it dripped on his head. Montana liked it and tried to eat it.

a cute video coming soon.


Mel and Kiel

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bruce, Kurtis and Sarah

Sarah (amy's hands), Kurtis and Bruce
Bruce with his 2nd cousins and sporting his new hair cut. He has new hair growing in and it looks like it is going to be blond/light brown.
Aren't the kiddo's adorable together?
I especially enjoy how well the slightly older cousins interact with baby bruce. You can just see how much they love him.