Friday, May 3, 2013

Palm Springs

Girls trip! This weekend I flew to my friend Cambria's house and then we drove to her parents condo in Palm springs. We met four other girls there, all from my old ward, Redondo 2nd. We had so much fun shopping at the outlets, laying in the pool and eating out at yummy restaurants. We had girl talk every night. After Palm Springs I stayed with Cambria two more nights before flying back to my own family. She showed me around town and we took her kids to the beach club. We also saw the movie Mud, not sure how I feel about that one still. I guess go see it?

 After being away for a couple of days I was greeted with the happiest faces! I love these two kids of mine and feel so refreshed! We went out to ice cream to celebrate my return.

Me and Roman at the beach club

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