Friday, May 3, 2013

Announcing Baby # 3

10 weeks

This year Kiel and I decided one of our family resolutions would be to have another baby. I guess we accomplished that goal right away! This little girl will be born on September 16th at around 7am (gotta love scheduled c-sections.)

As far as names go we are throwing around everything we can think of. I think it's between Ellie and Lily.

My top two names got shut down faster than a dirty diaper pail; Isla and Ever.

I also like Alli and Abbey. Kiel likes Lyndsey and Analena. Oh the pressure, of a name. (anyone name that movie?)

Anyway, the important thing is Rhyan gets a little sister! I'm so excited for her! And she will be a great big sister.

20 more weeks to go!

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