Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year

Did you know I have several things to post about regarding last year and I have yet to find the time to do it? I can't pull the three kid card, there are plenty of people that blog that have more on their plate than me. But maybe I can pull the infant card, new borns are A LOT of work. A LOT.  But I hope to back blog one day ;( Just to name a few (more for my sake than yours, let's be honest you don't really care. In fact you stopped reading my blog along time ago. I get it, it's boring. It's all about me and my family and my narcissism is showing big time. But it's a blog, narcissism is expected if not required so get over it.)

  1. New Jersey Mom and Daughter Trip
  2. Family vacation to the big blue state
  3. Rhyan Turned 2
  4. Bruce Started Pre-School
  5. Kiel's Totally Tubular 80's Party
  6. Everly's Blessing
  7. Christmas Day Fun
 Last year was busy, super fun and brought many blessings to our family. But, it was so. last. year. This year,  i hope, is equally fun and not as equally busy. I want it to be on the less busier side but we just added a third kid so it will probably be on the busier side. Sigh, oh well. Here we go again!

Enough about us, how you doin'?

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